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ASME A112.19.1-2013 pdf free

ASME A112.19.1-2013 pdf free.Enamelled cast iron and enamelled steel plumbing fixtures.
4.1.4 Wall brackets
Wall brackets shall be used when slab-type lavatories are supported by cast iron legs.
4.2 Cast Iron thickness
Cast iron shall be at least 3 mm (0.13 in) thick when measured at least 25 mm (1.0 in) from the edge of the fixture.
4.3 Tolerances
4.3.1 General
Unless otherwise specified in this Standard, the tolerance on dimensions of 200 mm (8 in) and greater shall be ± 3%. The tolerance on dimensions less than 200 mm (8 in) shall be ± 5%.
In this Standard, dimensions specified as “minimum” or “maximum” shall not be reduced below the specified minimum or increased above the specified maximum by application of a tolerance. If a dimensional range is specified and the word “minimum” or “maximum” does not appear, the upper and lower limits shall not be considered critical and the appropriate tolerance shall apply.
4.3.2 Apron bathtubs
The tolerance on the length of apron bathtubs shall be ± 1 3 mm (± 0.5 in).
4.4 Enamel
4.4.1 General
Enamelled surfaces shall be enamelled using acid-resisting enamel thoroughly fused to the cast iron or steel. The enamel shall be of uniform colour and free from defects that affect the appearance or can affect the serviceability of the fixture.
4.4.2 Specular gloss
Enamelled surfaces visible after installation shall be glossy to the extent that they shall have a 450
(0.79 rad) specular gloss of not less than 45 when tested in accordance with ASTM C346.
4.4.3 Reflectance
If the enamel is white, its reflectance shall be not less than 72% when measured in accordance with
ASTM E 1347.
4.4.4 Enamel thickness
The thickness of the enamel, measured on a flat surface at least 25 mm (1 .0 in) from any edge of the fixture, shall be at least 0.64 mm (0.025 in) for cast iron and 0.1 3 mm (0.005 in) for steel.
4.4.5 Surface treatments
Before they are enamelled, surfaces shall be treated with ground coat. After enamelling, any surface subject to rework that exposes base metal shall be factory treated with rust inhibitor. All other steel surfaces shall be treated with at least one coat of filler, ground coat, or paint.ASME A112.19.1 pdf download.

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