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ASME A17.4-2015 pdf free

ASME A17.4-2015 pdf free.Guide for Emergency Personnel.
The rescue team should be given training in the proper procedures for evacuating passengers as required by ASME A17.1/CSA 844, requirement to prepare them for actual emergency situations that may arise in the elevator operation at every building within their jurisdiction. In training personnel, advantage should be taken of the experience and expertise that may be provided by the elevator maintenance organization servicing the elevator equipment. Rescue drills should be planned to simulate various emergency conditions and should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the rescue operation and organization. On observation elevators and elevators with norienclosed hoistways, considerable preplanning may be necessary since conditions vary.
Written instructions on the steps to be taken to affect a rescue should be furnished to all personnel designated and trained to perform rescue duties. These instructions must also be in a location known and accessible to the rescue team, where they can be readily referred to during an evacuation, if necessary. These instructions should include the telephone numbers of persons or organizations to be contacted for assistance, e.g., elevator maintenance personnel. The keys neces• sary for elevator evacuation are required by ASME A17.1/CSA 844 to be available to the rescue team. All required keys should be permanently labeled for function.
Whenever persons are being assisted from a stalled elevator car, adherence to strict lockoutltagout procedures must be followed. The mainline disconnect switch must be turned to the ‘OFF” position and a lock and tag installed on the disconnect switch in order to prevent anyone from turning the switch to the ‘0N position. The mainline disconnect switch is typically located in the elevator machine room when a machine room is provided.
Many elevator car and/or landing doors are equipped with door restrictors to prevent opening of the car doors or landing doors from inside the car when the car is outside the unlocking zone. These devices are required by ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and ASME A17.3 to be installed in such a manner that the doors can be opened from outside the car without special tools. Emergency
personnel should become familiar with how these devices can be opened from the landing before an actual emergency occurs.ASME A17.4 pdf download.

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