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ASME A18.1-2020 pdf free

ASME A18.1-2020 pdf free.Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts.
The provisions of this Standard are not intended to prevent the use of systems. methods, or devices of equivalent or superior quality, strength, fire resistance, effectiveness, durability, and safety to those prescribed by this Standard, provided that there Is technical documentation to demonstrate the equivalency of the system, method, or device.
The specific requirements of this Standard shall be permitted to be modified by the authority having jurisdiction based on technical documentation or physical performance verification to allow alternative arrangements that will assure safety equivalent to that which would be provided by conformance to the corresponding requirements of this Standard.
1.3 DefInitions This section defines various terms used in this Standard. alteration: any change to equipment other than maintenance, repair, or replacement.
approved: acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. authority having jurisdiction: organization, office, or individual responsible for approving equipment. Where compliance with this Standard has been mandated by law, the authonty having jurisdiction” is the federal, state, or local department or individual so designated in the enacting legislation or administrative regulation.
authorized personnel: persons who have been instructed in the operation of the equipment and designated by the owner to manage the use of the equipment building code: an ordinance that sets forth requirements for building design and construction, or where such an ordinance has not been enacted, the International Code Council (ICC), International Building Code (IBC), and International Residential Code (IRC) are the code standards.cable, traveling: see traveling cable.capacity: see rated load.
certified: a certification by a testing laboratory, a professional engineer, a manufacturer, or a contractor that a device or an assembly conforms to the requirements of this Standard.
combination mechanical lock and electric contact a combination mechanical and electrical device with two related but entirely independent functions that are
(a) to prevent operation of the driving machine by the normal operating device, unless the door or gate is in the closed position
(b) to lock the door or gate in the closed position and prevent it from being opened from the landing side, unless the platform is within the specified distance from the landing compensating-rape sheave switch: a device that automatically causes the electric power to be removed from the driving-machine motor and brake when the compensating sheave approaches its upper or lower limit of travel.
contacts: see door or gate electric contact. control: the system governing the starting, stopping, direction of motion, acceleration, speed, and retardation of the moving member.
controller: a device or group of devices that serves to control in a predetermined manner the apparatus to which it is connected.
door or gate: the movable portion(s) of the platform or runway entrance that closes the opening providing access to the platform or landing. It consists of one or more panels that may be equipped with a vision panel.
door or gate, manually operated: door or gate that is opened and closed by hand.
door or gate, power-operated: a door or gate that Is opened and closed by a door or gate power-operator.
door or gate, self-closing: a manually operated door or gate that closes when released or a power-operated door or gate.
door or,qate closer: a device that closes a door or gate by means of a spring or gravity.
door or gate electric contact: an electrical device, the function of which is to prevent operation of the driving machine by the normal operating device unless the door or gate is in the closed position.ASME A18.1 pdf download.

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