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ASME AG-1-2012 pdf free

ASME AG-1-2012 pdf free.Code on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment.
This article contains the minimum requirements for structural design of equipment for which this Code is applicable. Nonmandatory Appendices AA-A through AA-C contain guidance on implementing these rules.
Electrical equipment shall be qualified to meet the en ironmenial conditions specited for the equipment in l)ivisions II and Ill of this (‘ode.
This suharticle contains the load, stress, deflection. and other criteria for the design of equipment. Verification of equipment design shall be based on calculations or tests, or a combination of both.
All loads as specified in the design specification or the applicable equipment section of this Code shall he taken into account in designing equipment and shall include. but not be limited to. the loads listed in AA-42l I.
AA-4211 Loads
additional dynamic loads (ADL): loads resulting from system excitation due to structural motion caused by safety relief-valve actuation and other hydrodynamic loads due to design basis accident (DBA). small pipe break accident (SBA). and intermediate pipe break accident (IBM; also, liquid slosh in tanks and vessels and mechanical shock loads.
constraint of free end displacetneni loads (1’): loads caused by constraint of free end displaccmcnt that results from thermal or other movements.
dead weight (1)W): the weight of equipment or ductwork including suprts. stiffeners. insulation, all internally or e,ternally mounted componeins or accessories, and any contained fluids.
design pres.sure thfferentiul (DPI)): dynamic pressure loads resulting from a DBA. IBA. or SBA.
design wind (W): loads due o design hurricane, design tornado, or other abnormal meteorological condition that could occur infrequcnly.
e.rfrr,ud loads (EL): applied loads caused by attached piping, accessories, or other equipment.
fluid monlenlum loads (FML): loads due to the force created by a moving air mass in the duct where flow espenences a change in velocity in magnitude or direction).
live loads (LI: loads occurring during construction and maintenance and loads due to snow. ponded water, and ice.
normal loads (N): loads consisting of normal operating pressure differential, system operating pressure transients. dead weight. eemal loads, and inerlia loads.ASME AG-1 pdf free download.

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