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ASME B1.20.1-2013 pdf free

ASME B1.20.1-2013 pdf free.Pipe Threads,General Purpose (Inch).
1.4.1 MatIng Threads. Mating threads should always contact on the thread flank.s, The design tolerancrs are such that mating crests and rooks may clear, contact, or interfere (see Fig. I). This joint may not necessarily seal, unless a sealant is used.
1.4.2 Sealant. Where pressuretight. leak-free joints are required, ii is intended that threads conforming to this Standard be made up wrench-tight with a sealant. To prevent galling during installation, the sealant may have lubricating properties.
1.4.3 Tlgtitenlng Torque. DUe tu application-specific variables such as materials, wall thickness, operating pressures. etc., no guidance is given in this Standard regarding joint-tightening torque. However, joints should be tightened beyond the hand-light engagement poeiition. Mvancing the joint past hand-tight creates interference between external and internal thread flanks, produces a eal (with the use of a sealant), and helps prevent loosening of the joint Overtightening may he detrimental to the sealing function of the pint.
1.4.4 Other Considerations. Out-of-roundness of mating parts can negatively affect their ability to seal when made up wrench tight. The products elasticity and ductility will also affect waling.
1.4.5 Pressure-Tight Threads Without Sealant. Pipe threads designed for pressure-tight joints that may be used without sealing compounds (Dryscal Threads) are covered in ASME 141.20.3.
15 App.ndkes
Useful and supplementary information that is not a part of this Standard is presented in a nonmandatory appendix. Specifically, the nonmandatory appendices cover the turns of engagement method of gaging, suggested prethrvading hole diameters, and an explanatory gaging ,mitrix.
1.6 Referenced Standards
11w latest issues o4 the following documents form a part of this Standard to the extent specified herein.
ASME B1,2, Gages and Gaging for Unified Screw Threads
ASME BL7, Screw Threads: Nomenclature, Lfmibons, and Letter Symbols
ASME 111.20.3, Dryseal Pipe Threads (Inch)
ASME 11120.7. I lose Coupling Screw Threads (Inch)
ASME Bl.30, Screw Threads: Standard Practice for Calculating and Rounding Dimensions
ASME 1147.1, Gage Blanb
Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME), Two Park Avenue, New York, NY
10016-5990; Order Department: 22 Law Drive, P.O.
80K 2900, FairfIeld, NJ ‘07-2900 (wwwasnw.org)
1.7 Terminology
Definitions of terms and symbols for thread dimensions are given in ASME Bl.7.ASME B1.20.1 pdf free download.

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