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ASME B16-12-2009 pdf free

ASME B16-12-2009 pdf free.Cast lron Threaded Drainage Fittings.
4.1 Castings
The dimensions prescribed in this Standard (Tables 3 through 13) are based on gray iron castings of high quality produced tinder regular control of chemical and physical properties by a recognized process. The manufacturer shall be prepared to certify that the product has been so produced and that its chemical and physical properties, as proved by test specimens, are equal to the requirements specified in ASTM A 126, Specification for Gray Iron Castings for Valves, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings.
4.2 Optional Material
Drainage fittings are regularly made of cast iron. At the option of the manufacturer, drainage fittings may be furnished of malleable iron complying with the minimum physical requirements of ASTM A 197, Specification for Cupola Malleable Iron.
5.1 Dimensions
Dimensions in SI (metric) units are given in Tables 3 through 13 for various types of fittings. Those dimensions are the standard. Corresponding U.S. Customary values are given in Tables 11-3 through 11-13 in Mandatory Appendix II. Some dimensions of steel pipe from ASME B36.1OM are listed for convenience in Nonmandatory Appendix B in inches only. Tolerances applicable to dimensions of fittings are specified in paras. 5.2 through 5.6.
5.2 Metal Thickness
At no point in the castings shall the metal thickness be less than 90% of the values listed in Table 3.
5.3 Thread Chamber
The length of thread and total length of thread chamber to shoulder shall not vary from the dimensions shown in the tables by more than plus or minus the equivalent of the pitch of one thread.
5.4 Outside Diameter and Width of Band
The minus tolerances given in Table I are permitted on inspection to apply to the diameter of the band and the width of the band.
5.5 Inside Diameter of Fitting
The inside diameter shall not vary from dimensions shown by more than the following:
(a) for sizes 1 <NPS <4, inclusive ±0.8 mm (0.03 in.)
(b) for sizes 5 < NI < 8, inclusive ±1.6 mm (0.06 in.)
56 Center-to-End
The center-to-end dimensions shall not vary from the given dimensions by more than the values given in Table 2.
5.7 Shoulder
fliese fittings are provided with shoulders so that when used with Standard Wall Pipe (ASME B36.1OM), the end of the pipe practically meets the shoulder as the joint is made up, thereby forming a smooth passageway.
(a) All fittings (except roof connections) shall be threaded with American National Standard Taper l’ipe Threads (ASME 131 .20.1), and the variations in threading shall be limited to one turn small and no turn large. Threaded openings without shoulder, however, shall be limited to one turn large and one turn small from the gaging notch on the plug when using working gages. Roof connections may have taper threads as above or American National Standard Straight Pipe Threads, Free Fitting Mechanical Joint NI’SM (ASME 131.20:1).ASME B16-12 pdf free download.

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