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ASME B16.24-2006 pdf free

ASME B16.24-2006 pdf free.Cast Copper Alloy Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings Classes 1 50, 300, 600, 900,1 500, and 2500.
The temperature shown for a corresponding pressure rating is the temperature of the pressure-containing shell of the flange or flanged fitting. In general, this temperature is the same as that of the contained fluid. Use of a pressure rating corresponding to a temperature other than that of the contained fluid is the responsibility of the user, subject to the applicable code or regulation. For any temperature below —29°C (—20°F), the rating shall be no greater than the rating for —29°C (—20°F). See para. 5.4.1 for temperature limitations on use of ASTM A 307 bolting.
2.5 Low-Temperature Service
It is the responsibility of the user to verify that all of the component materials (i.e., flange, bolting, and gasket, etc.) selected are acceptable for use in temperature applications below —29°C(—20°F). When pcrmitted, copper alloy flanges and flanged fittings manufactured in accordance with this Standard, assembled with suitable bolting and gaskets, and subject to the applicable code or regulations, shall not be used at temperatures below
—198°C (—325°F).
2.6 System Hydrostatic Test
Flanged joints and flanged fittings may be subjected to system hydrostatic tests at pressures not to exceed 1.5 times the tabulated working pressure at 38°C (100°F). System testing at higher pressures is the responsibility of the user, subject to the requirements of the applicable code or regulations.
3.1 Flanges or Fittings
The size of a flange or fitting is identified by the corresponding NPS.
3.2 Reducing Fittings
Reducing fittings shall be designated by the size of the openings in their proper sequence as indicated in Fig. 1.
4.1 General
Except as modified herein, flanges and flanged fittings shall be marked as required in MSS SP-25.
4.1.1 Name. The manufacturer’c name or trademark shall be applied.
4.1.2 MateriaL All flanges and flanged fittings shall be marked with the material’s applicable ASTM designation (e.g., B 61, B 62, and B 148). In addition, the grade identification symbol “952” is required for flanges cast to ASTM B l48.
4.1.3 Rating Designation. The flange or flanged fitting shall be marked with the number that corresponds to its pressure rating class designation (i.e., 150, 300, 6(X), 900, 1500, or 2500).
4.1.4 Conformance. The designation B16 or B16.24 shall be applied to the flange or flanged fitting, preferably located adjacent to the class designation, to include conformance to this Standard. The use of the prefix ASME is optional.
4.1.5 SIze. The NPS designation shall be marked on flanges and flanged fittings. Reducing flanges and reducing flanged fittings shall be marked with the applicable NPS designations as required by paras. 3.1 and 3.2.ASME B16.24 pdf free download.

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