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ASME B16.24-2016 pdf free

ASME B16.24-2016 pdf free.Cast Copper Alloy Pipe Flanges, Flanged Fittings, and Valves Classes 150, 300, 600, 900,1 500, and 2500.
Pressure—temperature ratings in this Standard apply to flanged joints that conform to the requirements on bolting in paras. 6.5 and 9.1, on gaskets in paras. 6.6 and 9.2, and to flanged joints that are made up in accordance with good practice for alignment and assembly. Use of the pressure—temperature ratings for flanged joints not conforming to these requirements is the sole responsibility of the user. Requirements for alignment and assembly of joints and consideration of leakage due to forces and moments developed in the connected pip ing or equipment are not covered in this Standard. If the two flanges in a flanged joint do not have the same pressure—temperature ratings, the pressure- temperature rating of the joint at any temperature is the lower of the two flange pressure—temperature ratings at that temperature.
3.4 RatIng Temperature
The temperature shown for a corresponding pressure— temperature rating is the temperature of the pressure— containing shell of the flange, flanged fitting, or valve. In general, this temperature is the same as that of the contained fluid. Use of a pressure—temperature rating corresponding to a temperature other than that of the contained fluid is the responsibility of the user, subject to the applicable code or regulation. For any temperature below —29°C (—20°F), the pressure-temperature rating shall be no greater than the pressure—temperature rating for —29°C (—20°F). See para. 6.5.1 for temperature limitations on use of ASTM A307 bolting.
3.5 Low-Temperature Service
It is the responsibility of the user to verify that all of the component materials (i.e., flange, bolting, and gasket, etc.) selected are acceptable for use in temperature applications below -29°C (—20°F). When permitted, copper alloy flanges, flanged fittings, and valves manufactured in accordance with this Standard, assembled with suitable bolting and gaskets, and subject to the applicable code or regulations shall not he used at temperatures below —198°C (—325°F) except for ASTM Bl48 alloy C95200, which can be used to —269°C (-452°F). For guidance on low-temperature service, refer to ASME B31T.ASME B16.24 pdf free download.

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