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ASME B16.3-2016 pdf free

ASME B16.3-2016 pdf free.Malleable lron Threaded Fittings.
For the purpose of easier entrance in making a joint and for protection of the thread, all internal threads shall be countersunk a distance of not less than one-half the pitch of the thread at an angle of approximately 45 deg with the axis of the thread; all external threads shall be chamfered at an angle of 30 deg to 45 deg with the axis. Countersinking and chamfering shall be concentric with the threads.
The length of threads specified in all tables shall be measured to include the countersink or chamfer.
The maximum allowable variation in the alignment of threads of all openings of threaded fittings shall be 5.0 mm/rn (0.06 in./ft) (0.5% slope).
The addition of ribs or lugs is permitted on threaded fittings. Where ribs are used, it is recommended that their thickness be the same as specified for metal thickness of the fitting. Right-hand couplings shall have no more than two ribs.
Right- and left-hand couplings shall have four or more ribs unless the left-hand opening is clearly marked, in which case the use of ribs is optional with the manufacturer.
For dimensions of plugs, bushings, and locknuts to be used in connection with Classes 150 and 30() malleable iron threaded fittings, see ASME B 16.14.
A bevel not exceeding 5 deg is permitted on the laces of fitting openings. Center-to-end, end-to-end, and width of band dimensions may include or exclude the bevel.
When malleable iron fittings are zinc coated, they shall be hot dipped in accordance with ASTM A153 or have an clectrodeposited zinc coating conforming to ASTM B633, Type I, Service Condition 4. Hot-dipped coatings shall be 0.864 mm (0.(X)34 in.) minimum thickness and applied prior to threading. Electrodeposited zinc shall be 0.025 mm (0.001 in.) minimum thickness and may be applied either before or after threading.
Couplings and caps made from steel rod or bar may have electrodeposited zinc coatings conforming to ASTM B633, Type I, Service Condition 4. The electrodeposited coatings may be applied either before or after threading.
Other coatings specified by the purchaser shall be furnished meeting the agreed requirements.ASME B16.3 pdf download.

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