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ASME B16-36-2009 pdf free.Orifice Flanges.
4.2 Bolting
Bolting material recommendations are given in ASMF. 8163. For materials manufactured to editions of the material specification other than those listed in Appendix Ill of ASME B16.5, refer to para. 4.3.
4.3 Materials Manufactured to Other Editions
Materials may meet the requirements of material specification editions other than those listed in Appendix Ill of ASME B163, provided
(a) the materials are the same specification, e.g., grade, type, class, or alloy, and heat-treated conditions, as applicable
(I,) the flange manufacturer certifies that the requirements of the edition of the specification listed in Appendix Ill of ASME B16.5 have been met
4.4 Plugs
Pressure-retaining plugs shall conform to ASME B16.11, unless otherwise agreed between purchaser and manufacturer. Plug material shall be at least as corrosion resistant as the corresponding flange material.
Orifice flange sizes are indicated by the nominal pipe siae to which they are attached. Only those listed in Tables I through 5, Tables 1-1 through 1-5, and Mandatory Appendix 11 are considered standard.
Flanges shall be marked as required in ASME B16.5. For welding neck flanges only, the bore diameter shall be marked.
The finish ot contact faces shall conform to the requirements of ASME 816,5.
8.1 Gasket Thickness
Flange dimensions are based on the use of 1.5 mm (0.06 in.) thick gaskets.
8.2 Flange Gaskets Requiring Dimensional Changes
When the location of the pressure tap with respect to the orifice plate is critical to the service and metering conditions, its location may be altered to accommodate other than 1.5 mm (0.06 in.) thick gaskets or ring-type joint gaskets whose thickness may vary from that listed in Tables 2, 3, 4, and 5 or those listed in Tables 1-2, I-3,I-4, and I-5 or Mandatory Appendix II.
The alteration of location may also be accomplished by the removal of 2 mm (0.06 in.) from the raised face of the flange. If an original 2 mm (0.06 in.) high raised face is removed, the user is cautioned to limit the outside diameter of the gasket or orifice plate to the tabulated R dimension.
9.1 General
Each orifice flange shall be provided with two pressure tap holes extending radially from the outside diameter of the flange to the inside diameter of the flange. Corner taps may be used on Ni’S 11/2 and smaller if space permits. See Fig. 1.
For ring joint flanges listed in Tables 2 through 5, Tables [-1 through 1-5, and Mandatory Appendix IL, where radial taps will interfere with the ring groove, angular meter taps, as illustrated in Fig. 2, will be required. Each pressure tap hole shall be equipped with a pipe plug.
9.2 Location
9.2.1 Measurement. The 24 mm (0.94 in.) dimension for raised face and 19 mm (0.75 in.) for ring joint shall be measured at the bore.
9.2.2 Identification. For ring joint flanges requiring alteration of pressure tap location due to interference with the ring groove other than methods provided in this Standard, such alteration shall be identified per agreement between purchaser and manufacturer.ASME B16-36 pdf free download.

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