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ASME B16.39-2009 pdf free

ASME B16.39-2009 pdf free.Malleable lron Threaded Pipe Unions Classes 150, 250, and 300.
(a) Pressure—temperature ratings are shown in Table 1 and Table I-i.
(b) Unions with copper or copper alloy seats are not intended for use where temperature exceeds 232°C
(c) All ratings are independent of the contained fluid and are the maximum pressures at the tabulated temperatures. Intermediate ratings may be obtained by linear interpolation between the temperatures shown.
(d) The temperatures shown for the corresponding pressure rating shall be the material temperature of the pressure-retaining structure. It may be assumed that the material temperature is the same as the fluid temperature. Use of a pressure rating at a material temperature other than that of the contained fluid is the responsibility of the user and subject to the requirements of any applicable code.
4.1 Nominal Pipe Size
As applied in this Standard, the use of the phrase “nominal pipe size” or the designation NI’S followed by a dimensionless number is for the purpose of identifying the end connection of unions. The number is not necessarily the same as the fitting inside diameter. The connecting pipe dimension can he found in ASME B36.IOM.
Unions shall be marked on the nut with the manufacturer’s name or trademark and nominal pressure class except on bar stock unions, where marking is impractical. Additional markings permitted by MSS SP-25 may be used.
(a) The mechanical properties of the malleable iron castings shall be at least equal to those specified in ASTM
A 197.
(b) Steel bar stock having a yield strength of not less than 207 MPa (30 ksi) may be substituted for malleable iron in NPS I’S unions.
(c) Insert rings may be of suitable copper or copper alloy. Where copper alloy seats are furnished, either the head or tail part of unions produced from bar stock may be solid copper alloy. Such parts must meet the tensile strength requirements listed in Table 2 and Table 1-2.
Inserts shall be secured into the ends to become a permanent part of them with no signs of cracking. Inserted seat rings shall be of sufficient width to allow ample bearing for the seating of the male end.
8.1 Types of Threads
Pipe ends of head and tail parts shall be threaded with taper pipe threads (ASME B1.20.l) except that Ni’S unions made from bar stock may have NPSC internal straight pipe threads.
8.2 Tolerances
The variation in taper threading shall be limited to one turn large and one turn small from the gaging face of the ring and gaging notch on the plug when using working gages.ASME B16.39 pdf free download.

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