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ASME B16.4-2016 pdf free

ASME B16.4-2016 pdf free.Gray lron Threaded Fittings.
(a) Pressure—temperature ratings for these fittings are shown in Tables 1 and 1-1.
(b) All ratings arc independent of the contained fluid and are the maximum allowable working gage pressures at the tabulated temperatures. Intermediate ratings may be obtained by linear interpolation between the temperatures shown.
(c) The temperatures shown for the corresponding pressure rating shall be the material temperature of the pressure-retaining structure. It may be assumed that the material temperature is the same as the fluid temperature. Use of a pressure rating at a material temperature.
other than that of the contained fluid is the responsibility of the user and subject to the requirements of any applicable code.
Nominal Pipe Size
As applied in this Standard, the use of the phrase “nominal pipe size” or the designation NI’S followed by a dimensionless number is for the purpose of identifying the end connection of fittings. The number is not necessarily the same as the fitting inside diameter.
Reducing Fittings
For reducing tees and crosses, the size of the largest run opening shall be given first, followed by the size of the opening at the opposite end of the run. Where the fitting is a tee, the size of the outlet is given last. Where the fitting is a cross, the largest side-outlet opening is the third dimension given, followed by the opposite opening. The straight-line sketches of Fig. 1 illustrate how the reducing fittings are read.
(a) Each Class 125 fitting shall be marked for identification with the manufacturer’s name or trademark.
(b) Each Class 250 fitting shall be marked for identification with
(1) the manufacturer’s name or trademark (2) the numerals “250”
Castings shall be produced to meet the requirements of ASTM A126, Class A, B. or C. The manufacturer shall be prepared to certify that the product has been so produced and that the chemical and physical properties thereof, as proved by test specimens, are equal to these requirements.ASME B16.4 pdf free download.

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