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ASME B18.13-2017 pdf free

ASME B18.13-2017 pdf free.Screw and Washer Assemblies – SEMS (Inch Series).
ASME B18.13 cwers general and dimensional data pertinent to the various pes of screw and captive washer assemblies, otherwise known as S1:Ms. SEMS products may include screws, tapping screws, or bolts in suLs 4o, 0 through in. diameters in various grades and materials. The word SEMS is recognized in the United States as a generic term apphcable to screw and washer assemblies Also included in this Standard Is Nonmandalory Appendis A illustrating the relative proportkw o plain and conical washer SEMS.
NO11 The word ksh. which appears Wi the nanws id produc in thib Standard. a rneric Ie,m hiibwicallv a’iiiatrd with their Irntifwatiiei and ii. mit intended In imply an inde4initr hiIy iii anachmei where the tatetwn are id.
1.2 Use and Application
The SEMS awered by this Standard are general purpose fasteners intended for mass production and other assembly operations where speed and cons’enienee are paramount factors. Further attributes of the various washers, recognized herein, an’ given in detail for each type of SEMS Prduds having washers o styles and shapes not shown in this Standard may be considered SEMS; however, these products must be covered by the purchaser’s drawing, standard, or the supplier’s standards.
1.4.1 Head Styles. The head styles applicable to the various types of SEMS shall be .‘s depided in the illustrations and designated in the tables for each type. When.’ only the slotted head SEMS are illustrated, It should be understood that this Standard also applies to the corrrsponding cross-recessed head.
1.5 Dimensions
All dinienskms in this Standard are gwen in inches unless stated othenvise.
1.6 Options
Options, where specified, shall be at the dirrtion of the manufacturer, unless otherwase agreed UOfl by the manufacturer and the purdiaser.
1.7 ResponsibIlIty for Modification
Parts made to this Standard can be subject tO the effects of hydrogen embrittlement. either from dcctruplatmg operations or eposuze in the environment. The manufacturer shall not be held responsi for mod ificat ions, such as plating (done b the purchaser to unpiated SEP.15 upplicd in the origmal order), when these modihcation’. are not made by the manufacturer.
1.8 Terminology
For definitions of terms relating to fasteners or component features tlwreof used in this Standard, refer to ASME B1&12.ASME B18.13 pdf free download.

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