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ASME B18-2-4-6M-2010 pdf free

ASME B18-2-4-6M-2010 pdf free.Metric Heavy Hex Nuts.
Heavy hex nuts in normal thread diameters M12 through M36 as covered in this Standard have been coordinated to the extent possible with ISO 4775 (see Appendix A for dimensional differences).
The following is a list of publications referenced in this Standard.
ASME Bl.13M, Metric Screw Threads: M Profile ASME B18.12, Glossary of Terms for Mechanical Fasteners
ASME 818.18.2, Inspection and Quality Assurance for High-Volume Machine Assembly Fasteners
ASME 818.24, Part Identifying Number (PIN) Code System Standard for B18 Fastener Products
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Publisher: International Organization for
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For definitions of terms relating to fasteners or component features thereof used in this Standard, refer to
ASME Bl8.12.
(a) Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions in this Standard are in millimeters and apply before any coating. When plating or coating is specified, the finished product dimensions shall be as agreed upon between supplier and purchaser.
(b) Symbols specifying geometric characteristics arc in accord with ASME Y14.5.
(a) The width across flats shall be the distance, measured perpendicular to the axis of the nut, between two opposite wrenching flats.
The minimum width across flats does not apply for 25% of the minimum nut thickness as measured from either face.
(c) On nonferrous products where milled-from-bar material is used, the dimensions across flats may be modified to conform to the dimensions of the bar material when agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier.
The nut thickness shall be the overall distance, measured parallel to the axis of the nut, from the top of the nut to the bearing surface, and include the thickness of the washer face where provided, but exclude raised identification markings, where they are permitted.ASME B18-2-4-6M pdf download.

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