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ASME B18.2.5M-2013 pdf free

ASME B18.2.5M-2013 pdf free.Metric 1 2-Point Flange Head Screws.
The head shall be gaged using two ring gages, A and B, to demonstrate the coincidental acceptability of wrenching height, corner fill, and width across corners. Gage A shall be placed over the head and shall seat on the flange. Cage B shall be placed on the top of the head normal to the screw axis. The two gages shall not be in contact (see Table 2).
At maximum material condition, the axis of the 12 points of the head shall be within a positional tolerance zone whose diameter is equivalent to 2% of the maximum across flats regardless of feature size as specified in Table 3 with respect to the axis of the shank over a distance under the head equal to the nominal screw diameter, D. The datum shall be as close to the head as practicable, but within O.SD from the head, and shall be either wholly plain body or wholly the thread major diameter, not including the thread runout or the underhead fillet.
The top surface of the flange shall be conical or slightly rounded (convex). Radius, R2, applies both at the corners and at the flats of the 12-point. The contour of edge at flange periphery, between the maximum flange diameter, D1 maximum, and the minimum bearing circle diameter, D minimum, shall be optional provided that the minimum flange edge thickness, C minimum, is maintained at the minimum bearing circle diameter, D minimum.
Runout of the bearing surface with respect to the axis of the body shall be within the specified FIM limits in Table 3. Measurement of FIM shall be made as close to the periphery of the bearing surface as possible while the screw is held in a collet or other gripping device at a distance of one-half of the screw diameter from the underside of the head and screw is rotated at least 360 deg.
The fllet configuration at the junction of the head and shank shall conform to either Type E, as shown in Table 4,which also specifies limits, or Type U, as shown in Table 5, at the option of the manufacturer unless the fllet type is specified by the purchaser. The fllt shall be a smooth and continuous curve fairing smoothly into the bearing surface and the shank within the limits specified. For Type F, no radius in the fllet contour shall be less than R1 minimum specified in Table 4.ASME B18.2.5M pdf download.

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