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ASME B18.2.6M-2012 pdf free

ASME B18.2.6M-2012 pdf free.Metric Fasteners for Use in Structural Applications.
2.1 Metric Heavy Hex Structural Bolt Dimensions
Bolts shall conform to the dimensions given in Table 1.
2.1.1 Top of Head. The top of the head shall be full form and chamfered or rounded with the diameter of the chamfer circle, or start of rounding being equal to the maximum width across flats within a tolerance of
—15% of the maximum acmss flats dimension.
2.1.2 Width Across Flats. The width across flats of heads shall be the distance measured perpendicular to the axis of product, overall between two opposite sides of the head.
2.1.3 Head Taper. The maximum width across flats shall not be exceeded. No transverse section through the head between 25% and 75% of actual head height, as measured from the bearing surface, shall be less than the minimum width across flats.
2.1.4 Head Height. The head height shall he that overall distance measured parallel to the axis of the product from the top of the head to the bearing surface and shall include the thickness of the washer face. The raised grade and the manufacturer’s identification are excluded from the head height.
2.1.5 Position of Head. The runout of the flats of the head shall be no greater than 6% of the maximum width across flats. For referee purposes, the evaluation shall be made by indicating on the flats while holding the body one bolt diameter from under the head and rotating the part.
2.1.6 Bearing Surface. Bearing surface shall be flat and washer faced However, a die seam across the bearing lace shall be permissible. The diameter of the washer face shall be equal to the maximum width across the flats with a minus tolerance of 10%. The thickness of the washer lace shall be not less than 0.04mm nor greater than 0.08 mm. The plane of the bearing surface shall be perpendicular to the axis of the body within the FIM limits specified for total runout. The measurement of FIM shall extend as close to the periphery of the bearing surface as possible while the bolt is being held in a collet or other gripping device at a distance of one bolt diameter from the underside of the head. The angularity measurement shall be taken at a location to avoid interference from a die seam.
2.1.7 Body Diameter. The body diameter limits are shown in Table 1. Any swell or fin under the head or any die seam on the body shall not exceed the basic bolt diameter by the following:
(a) 1.25 mm for M12 and M16
(b) 1.5 mm for M20 through M30
(c) 2.30 mm for M36.ASME B18.2.6M pdf download.

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