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ASME B18.31-4M-2009 pdf free

ASME B18.31-4M-2009 pdf free.Threaded Rod (Metric Series).
8.1 Thread Series and Tolerance Class
Threads shall be metric coarse or line thread series tolerance class 6g conforming to the dimensions for general purpose external threads in ASMI Bl.13M unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Thread size limits prior to plating or coating shall be class 6g (GO and NOT GO). Alter platmg or coating. class 6g threads shall be accepted using the size limits of 6g GO (high Limit) and 6g NOT GO (low limit). Threads shall be right-hand unless left hand threads are specifically ordered. (See section 18.)
8.2 Thread Gaging
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, gaging for screw thread dimensional acceptability shall be in accordance with Gaging System 21 as specified in ASME Bl.3.
When required, straightness limits and the inspection technique to be used to evaluate straightness shall be as agreed upon between purchaser and supplier.
The purchaser must specify the applicable spccificatiori for the threaded rod material. The material shall meet the chemical and mechanical properties of the applicable specification. Listed below arc some of the primary material specifications for threaded rod. Other materials, including nonmetallic materials, may be specified by the purchaser.
10.1 Steel
Unless otherwise specified, carbon and alloy steel threaded rods shall conform to the alloy and property class requirements in accordance with ASTM F 568M.
10.2 Steel — High Temperature Application
Metric threaded rod per ASTM A 193/A 193M may be specified for applications with high temperature and high strength requirements. Grade 87 is the most readily available.
10.3 Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Unless otherwise specified, corrosion-resistant steel threaded rods shall conform to the alloy and property class requirements in accordance with ASTM F 738M including passivation in accordance with ASTM A 380.
10.4 Nonferrous Materials
Unless otherwise sped lied, nonferrous, metallic threaded rod materials shall conform to the alloy and property class requirements in accordance with
ASTM F 468M.
Unless otherwise specified, threaded rod shall be supplied with a natural (as processed) finish, unpiated or uncoated, in a clean condition. Steel threaded rod shall be coated with a light oil to protect from corrosion during transportation and storage. Applicable electrodeposited coatings shall be identified in accordance with ASTM F 1941M and conform to the requirements therein. Hot-Dip zinc coating shall be in accordance with ASTM F 2329. For other coated products, the purchaser shall specify the coating and thickness.
Threaded rods shall be visually, without magnification, free from burrs, seams, laps, loose scales, irregular surfaces, and any defects affecting their serviceability. When control of surface discontinuities is required, the purchaser shall specify conformance to ASTM F 788/ F 788M for products with nominal diameters of 4 mm and larger and with specified minimum tensile strengths of 800 MPa and greater.
Unless otherwise speihetl by the purchoser, the marking requirements specified in the material specification are optional for threaded rod at the discretion of the manufacturer. Packaging and label requirements as mandated in applicable material specifications are required.ASME B18.31-4M pdf download.


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