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ASME B18.31.5-2011 pdf free

ASME B18.31.5-2011 pdf free.Bent Bolts (Inch Series).
2.1 Bent Bolts
The bent bolts covered by this Standard include those listed in paras. 2.1.1 through 2.1.5 and are presented in Figs. I through 4. Bent bolt configurations are pictured in this Standard either labeled as part of a table or as an individual figure.
2.1.1 U Bolts. Tho standard styles of bent U-bolts of varying leg lengths are covered. U-bolts, round bend (Table 1), are often used for holding pipe and thus are commonly defined by the nominal pipe size (reference ASME 836.1OM) for which they are intended. U-bolts, square bends (Table 2), are predominantly used for hanging duct work and thus are commonly defined by the dimensions of duct work for which they are intended.
2.1.2 Alternate Configurations of U-Bolts. In addition to the U-bolt configurations listed in para. 2.1.1, there are two additional types of U-bolts. U-bolts, vee bend, also called roof iop vec bolts, are shown in Fig. 3. U-bolts, slant bend, are of the configuration shown in Fig. 4.
2.1.3 Light-Duty Bent Eyebolts. These eyebolts can be found in two head styles: an eyebolt, closed anchor ring style (Table 3), and an eyebolt, open anchor ring style (Table 4). These bolts are not for lifting purposes.
2.1.4 Hook Bolts. 1-look bolts can be found in many hooked or bent styles including right angle bend (also known as an L-hook), as shown in Table 5. An acute angle bend (most commonly a 63-deg bend) is shown in Table 6. A round bend (also known as a i-hook) is shown in Table 7, and a square bend is shown in Fig. 2.
2.1.5 I-Bolts. J-holts have an offset round bend approximating a semicircle as shown in Fig. I.
2.2 Length
The defining length of the bent bolt is measured from the extreme end of the bolt to the highest point inside the bend as illustrated in the respective tables.
2.3 Threads
The nominal bolt size is the nominal size (basic major diameter) of the threaded portion.
Threads shall be cut or rolled Unified Coarse (UNC) or Unified Fine (UNF), Class 2A according to ASME Bi .1. Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, dimensional acceptability of screw threads shall be determined based on System 21 as specified in ASME H 1.3. Uncoated threads will be evaluated using Class 2A GO and NOT GO gages.
Threads plated in accordance with ASTM F1941 shall be evaluated after plating using Class 3A GO gages and Class 2A NOT GO gages.ASME B18.31.5 pdf download.


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