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ASME B29.300-2015 pdf free

ASME B29.300-2015 pdf free.Agricultural,Detachable, and Pintle Chains, Attachments,and Sprockets.
See Tables I through 11 of 829.6 for tolerances and dimensions for the following attachments: plain link, Al, A2, AS, Cl, C15, G27, H84, KI, SD, and SH.
See Table 12 of 829.6 for coupler link information and Table 13 of B29.6 for coupler pin information.
5.1 General Information
Sprockets for use with steel detachable chains are usually made of cast or wrought ferrous material. Wear resistance is frequently designed into the material of the tooth faces. Sprocket bodies are of many configurations (e.g., plate, arm, web, flat, or dished). When hubs containing the sprocket mounting bore are employed, they may project from either side or from both sides of the sprocket body.
This Standard covers only the dimensions controlling the surfaces that must properly engage or clear the chain.
Dimensions are given in a decimal inch system. The metric dimensions given are recommended conversions from the decimal inch system. In some cases the conversion is not exact; the decimal inch system is therefore to be taken as the base control dimension.
Sprockets with standard tooth forms are capable of transmitting chain loads in systems operating under a wide variety of conditions such as the following combination:
(a) maximum peak tension in chain as great as 0,20 of the ultimate breaking strength of the chain;
(b) slack strand tensions as small as 0.25% of the working tension in the chain;
(c) friction between the chain and the sprocket tooth faces as low as 10%; and
(d) the number of chain links in contact with the periphery of the sprocket as few as 0.5 x (N — 1).
Individually, the above limits are not absolute. Variations may be accepted in each of them provided commensurate modifications are made in other limits.
5.2 Sprocket Tooth Form
The elements of the tooth profiles for sprockets for standard chains are given in Fig. 3 and Tables 14 and 15 of B29.6.
Maximum tooth thickness I may not exceed (0.95 D minus actual sideface oscillation), where D equals hook width of chain.ASME B29.300 pdf free download.

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