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ASME B30.1-2015 pdf free.Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters, and Hydraulic Gantries Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings.
While the organizational structure of various pn1ects may differ, the following roles are described here for purposes of delineating responsibilities. All responsibilities listed below shall be assigned in the work site organization. A single individual may perform one or more of these roles.
LHE Operator: directly controls the LHE’s functions. LHE Owner: has custodial control of the LHE by virtue of lease or ownership.
LHE User. arranges the LHE’s presence on a worksite and controls its use there.
LHE Director: directly oversees the work being performed by the L.HE and the associated crew
Site Supen’iser exercises supervisory control over the work site on which the LI-IF is being used and over the work that is being performed on that site.
Responsibilities of the LHE Owner and LHE User
In some situations, the IHE Owner and the IHE User may be the same entity and is therefore accountable for all of the following responsibilities. In other cases, the LIIE User may lease or rent LHE from the LIfE Owner without supervisors operational, maintenance, support personnel, or services from the L.HE Owner. In these situations, paras. 1- and 1- shall apply.
The LHE Owner’s responsibilities shall include the following:
(a) providing LHE that meets the requirements of this Volume, as applicable, as well as specific job requirements defined by the LI IF User.
(b) providing LHE and all necessary components, specified by the LHE manufacturer, that meet the LHE User’s requested configuration and capacity.
(C) providing all applicable load/capacity chart(s) and diagrams.
(d) providing additional technical information pertaining to the LHE, necessary for LHE operation, when requested by the LI-fE User.
(e) providing field assembly, disassembly, operation and maintenance information, and warning decals and placards installed as prescribed by the LHE manufacturer.
(fi establishing an inspection, testing, and maintenance program in accordance with the applicable chapter and informing the LHE User of the requirements of this program.
(g) designating personnel for maintenance, repair. transport, assembly, and disassembly.
(h) designating personnel for inspections as required in the applicable chapter.
1- The LHE User’s responsibilities shall include the following:
(a) complying with the requirements of this Volume, LHE manufacturer’s requirements. and those regulations applicable at the work site.
(b) Using supervisors for LHE activities that meet the requirements fora qualified person as defined in Section
(C) ensuring that the LI IE is in proper operating condition prior to initial use at the worksite by
(1) verifying that the LHE Owner has provided periodic inspection documentation, if applicable
(2) verifying that a frequent inspection has been performed
(d) verifying that the l.HF has the necessar capacity to perform the proposed LFl[ operations in the planned configuration
(e) ensuring the assigned LHE Operator(s) has been notified of adjustments or repairs that have not yet been completed, prior to commencing LHE operations
(f) designating personnel for inspections as required in the applicable chapter
(g) designating personnel for maintenance, repair, transport, assembly, and disassembly
(H) ensuring that all personnel involved in maintenance, repair, transport, assembly, disassembly, and inspection are aware of their responsibilities, assigned duties, and the associated hazards
(I) ensuring that the inspection, testing, and maintenance programs specified by the LIIE Owner are followed
Responsibilities of Site Supervisor and IHE Director
in some situations, the Site Supervisor and the LHE Director may be the same person.ASME B30.1 pdf download.

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