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ASME B30.4-2020 pdf free

ASME B30.4-2020 pdf free.Portal and Pedestal Cranes Safety Standard for Cableways,Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings.
(a) All load-bearing foundations, supports, and rail tracks shall be constructed or installed to support the crane loads and transmit them to the soil or other support medium. In addition to supporting vertical load, foundations and supports, rail supports excepted. should be designed to provide a moment resisting overturning equal to a minimum of 150% of the maximum crane overturning moment.
(b) Rails should be level and straight, unless specifically designed for curves or grades, and properly spaced for the crane trucks in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The track and support system should have sufildent rigidity to limit dynamic oscillations and deviations from plumb.
(c) Rails shall be securely attached to the supporting surface in a manner capable of resisting the horizontal and vertical loads specified by the manufacturer. When applicable. provision should be made for thermal expansion and contraction.
(d) Splices in rail tracks (bolted or welded) shall have smooth loints.
(e) When required, a designated portion of the track should be arranged and constructed as an out-of- service parking area complete with means needed for supporting the crane against storm wind effects and anchoring it against unwanted movement along the track; the parking track should be in place before erection commences.
U) Rails shall be electrically grounded when they carry cranes electrically powered from an outside source.
g) lioth ends of all tracks shall be provided with stops or bumpers adjusted for simultaneous contact with both sides of the travel base unless engineered or administrative controls are utilized with dedicated track walkers/ spotters while the crane is traveling.
(h) When more than one crane will be operating on a run of track, particular consideration should be given to the number and disposition of parking areas.
(I) The hazard of earthquake effects appropriate to the site or zone should be considered.
(a) When cranes are erected, the manufacturer’s or a qualified person’s written erection instructions and a list of the weights of each component to be erected shall be at the site.
(b) Cranes shall be erected in accordance with the crane manufacturer’s or a qualified person’s recommendations. Erection shall he performed under the supervision of a qualified person.
(c) Procedures shall be established before erection work commences to implement the erection instructions and adapt them to the particular needs of the site. The need for temporary guying and bracing during erection shall be established.
(d Before crane components are erected, they shall be visually inspected for damage. Damaged members shall not be erected until repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s or qualified person’s instructions or replaced.
(e) Slings and lifting accessories should be selected and arranged to avoid damaging or marring crane members during erection.
if) Wind velocity at the site at the time of erection should be considered as a limiting factor that could require suspending the erection operation.
(g) Crane pedestals and gantries should be erected plumb to a tolerance that is specified by the manufacturer.
(h) Cranes required to weathervane when out of service shall be installed with clearance for the boom and superstructure to swing through a full 360-deg arc without striking any fixed object or other crane.
(a) Structural members shall be designed in accordance with the ANSI/AISC 360-16, or other appropriate design standards such as the Aluminum Design Manual or FEM 1.00 1.
(b) Welding shall conform to ANSI/AWS D1.1 or ANSI! AWS D14.3, or ISO 15614-1 when welding is to be performed on load-sustaining members. For materials not covered by ANSI/AWS D1.1 or ISO 1561 4-1, the manufacturer or a qualified person shall provide welding procedures.ASME B30.4 pdf download.

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