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ASME B89.3.7-2013 pdf free

ASME B89.3.7-2013 pdf free.Granite Surface Plates.
bow: the condition of a surface plate where the middle of the plate is higher or lower than the two ends.
flatness: the condition of a surface or derived median plane having all elements in one plane.
grade: the classification of a surface plate according to the flatness and repeat reading tolerance of the work surface. (This Standard covers three grades: AA, A, and .)
i,,serts: typically made of metal (usually stainIes steel, to prevent rusting) and are “plugs,” usually predrilled and tapped to various thread diameters and pitches, and are epoxied into a granite surface plate. They can also be furnished as a “solid” insert — no predrilling or tapping. Threaded inserts allow for hold-down capabilities and fixturing on a granite surface plate.
ledge: an undercut made along the sides or across the ends (or both) of a surface plate.
repeat reading: a measure of flatness over localized areas of a surface plate. This measure is usually obtained using a n?peat reading gage (see following definition) that measures height variation of the surface plate from a reference established by the base of the repeat wading gage. The range of readings taken with a repeat reading gage represents local deviation from flatness over the area sampled.
repi’at reading gap: a gage used to obtain repeat readings (see Fig. 1-3). This instrument estimates the ability to reproduce a measurement of a fixed height at any place on the surface plate. The repeat reading gage is sensitive to short wavelength variations in flatness when readings are taken over small intervals of movement of its base.
twist: the condition of a surface plate where the plate takes on the shape of a surface whose ends have been turned in opposite directions (e.g., like the shape of a propeller). The four corners of plates having this condition do not lie within the same plane. The lines characteriling opposite ends of a surface plate that exhibits twist have some relative angle between them (see Fig. 1).
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