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ASME BTH-1-2017 pdf free.Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.
noncompact sn-turn: a structural member cross section that can develop the yield stress in compression elements before local buckling occurs, hut will not resist inelastic local buckling at strain levels required for a fully plastic stress distribution (para. 3-232).
pnsrnatic rnemfrr a member with a groes cross section that dots not vary along its length (para. 1-61).
a force due to the lever action that esists m connections in which the line of application of the applied load is eccentric to the asis of the bolt, causing deformation of the fitting and an amplificatIon of the aiual force in the bolt (para. 3-43).
slip-critical: a type of bolted connection in which shoar is transmitted by means of the friction produced between the laying surfaces by the clamping action of the bolts (para. 1.6.1).
1-5.3 Definitions for Chapter 4
back-drfrrng: a condition where thc load imparts motion to the drive system (para. 1-5.3).
cotfficwnt of stalk frictiwi the nondinwnsional number obtained by dividing the friction force resisting initial motion between two bodies by the normal force pressing the bodies together (para. 4-9.2).
drEw syt4ern: an assembly of components that governs the starting. stopping, force, speed, and direction Imparted to a moving apparatus (para. 1-53).
cquali:En’ shtawr: a sheave used to equallte tension in opposite parts of a rope. Because of its slight movement. It as not termed a runtsi,t .hznr (para. 4-2.3).
fluid uwr: energy transmitted and controlled by means of a pressunred fluid, tither liquid or gas. The term applies to both hydraulics, which uses a pressurized liquid such as oil or water, and pneumatics. which uses compressed air or other gases (section 4-1 1).
L1obis.nng lift: the basic rating or spccilication life of a bearing (para. 1-6.2).
lock-up: a condition whereby friction in the drive system prevents back-driving (para. 4-5.5).
pitch diameter: the diameter of a sheave measured at the centerline of the rope (para. 4-2.2).ASME BTH-1 pdf free download.

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