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ASME CSD-1-2018 pdf free

ASME CSD-1-2018 pdf free.Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers.
CG-210 Ganerat
Instillation requirements shall apply to controls. satety devices, and burners on automatically fired boilers covered by this Standard
Foe information regarding boiler and/or burner Instil lotions. refer to local codes, In the absence of local codes see NP1’A 54/ANSI Z223.l for gas-fired boilers and NFPA 31 for oil—fired boilers.
Pot boilers fIrIng liquefIed-petroleum gas or LP’gas air mittures. the requirements pertaining to the storage container, the first and second st.e LP-gai iwesasire reguIs bn. and all components upstreapn of the point of gas delivery (see CG•700) are covered by NFPA 5$
CG-220 InstallatIon
(a) Installation ot controls, safety desires. and burners shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s Instnw’ tions and the applicable requirements of lilt Standard Diagrams detailing (lie wiring and piping connections for the controls and safety devices Installed shall be fwiilshed by the unit manufacturer Isee CGSIO(c)I.
(b) Installations shall provide acceatibil.ty for removing burners; adluating. deanilig, and Iubncattng working parts, and replacing controls, safety devices, and other control components
(c) For information concerning the kicatwis and Instal. lotion of LP.gaa air mixture boilers, refer to local building coder
(d) When one or more modules of a moduLar boiler (see CG-700) are replaced, coirp,sIibIliIy of all controls and systems shall be ensured. The replacement modules shall comply with the initial listing and shall meet the requirements of this Standard
ia CG-230 Obsen,atlon Poets
Observation ports shall be provided to permit direct visual inspection of the pilot, main burner flame, and boiler furnace. If required to adjust the pilot and/or mn burner flame. Observation poets providing direct visual observation are not required for the kilkiwing,
(a) boilers using pulse combustion that ace Labeled and hated by a nationally recognized testing agency
(b) boilers providing indirect observation by reflection for visual observation or an indicator driven by a sensor When used, a sensor and Indicator shall display boil, the presence and absence of the pilot and/or main flume.
CG-240 Guatdkig
Guards shall be provided to protect personnel and protect against damage to control equipment. Guarding shall contonss to applicable regulations.ASME CSD-1 pdf download.

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