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ASME EA-3-2009 pdf free

ASME EA-3-2009 pdf free.Energy Assessment for Steam Svstems.
ASME EA-3 covers steam systems that are defined as a system containing steam generator(s) or other steam source(s),a steam distribution network and end-use equipment. Cogeneration and power generation components may also be elements of the system (gas turbines, backpressure steam turbines, condensing steam turbines).
If steam condensate is collected and returned, the condensate return subsystem is a part of the steam system.
This Standard sets the requirements for preparing for,conducting, and reporting the results of a steam system energy assessment (hereafter referenced as an “assessment”) that considers the entire system, from energy inputs to the work performed as the result of these inputs.
An assessment complying with this Standard need not address each individual system component or specific system within an industrial facility with equal weight;however, it shall be sufficiently comprehensive to identify the major opportunities for improving the overall energy performance of the steam system. This Standard is designed to be applied primarily at industrial facilities, but most of the specified procedures can be used in other facilities such as those in the institutional and commercial sectors.
The scope of work shall be to complete a comprehensive assessment on a steam system. In the case of an exceptionally large facility, it may be desirable to focus on only one of several steam systems. As a result, the assessment plan should be developed for this specific system only. If an energy stream derives from or is directed to an adjacent system (possibly in an adjacent energy-supplying or receiving facility), then the details of the energy streams (e.g., eletricity, steam, natural gas) shall be considered as part of the assessment of the target system
Assessments involve collecting and analyzing data on system design, operation, energy use, and performance,and identifying energy performance improvement opportunities for system optimization. An assessment may also include recommendations for improving resource utilization, reducing per unit production cost, reducing life cycle costs, and improving environmental performance related to the assessed system(s). Assessment activities shall include but are not limited to engaging facility personnel and providing information about the asessment process.ASME EA-3 pdf download.

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