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ASME N511-2017 pdf free

ASME N511-2017 pdf free.In-Service Testing of Nuclear Air-Treatment,Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems.
pressure, maximum operating: the maximum pressure the system components will be subjected to while performing their function, including the allowable pressure during abnormal operating conditions, that will not physically damage the system or component (e.g., sudden closure of dampers or registers).
pressure, operating: the pressure that corresponds to the normal design operating mode of the system. This pressure is less than or equal to the maximum operating pressure.
pressure, structural capability: the pressure, including transients, that verifies the component or system can be safely operated without permanent distortion.
reference value: one or more test parameters that are measured, observed, or determined when the equipment or system is known to be operating acceptably within its design basis limits.
system: an assembly of components, Including associated instruments and controls, required to perform the function of a nuclear air-treatment, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system.
test boundary: the physical limits of the component, system, or device being subjected to a specified test.
test canister: a specially designed sample holder containing adsorbent for laboratory tests that can be removed from an adsorber bank, without disturbing the remainder of the adsorber, to provide representative samples for laboratory testing.
test program: a documented plan for in-service testing based upon system design specifications and functional requirements, Including required tests, test frequency, detailed procedures, and acceptance criteria.
unacceptable preconditioning: any activity performed prior to or during an in-service test that alters one or more measured parameter, such that it results in unacceptable test results. This may Include activities such as cycling, cleaning, lubricating, agitating, or other specific activities performed prior to or during an in-service test that could mask degradation. The impact may depend on the design of the component. For example, stem lubrica. tion has essentially no impact on a motor-operated damper; however, it may influence the test result of an air-operated damper.ASME N511 pdf free download.

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