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ASME NQA-1A-2009 pdf free

ASME NQA-1A-2009 pdf free.Addenda to ASME NQA-1-2008 Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.
Requirements are divided into four levels with respect to protective measures to prevent damage, deterioration,or contamination of the items based upon the important physical characteristics, and not upon the important functional characteristics of the item with respect to safety, reliability, and operation. It should be recognized, however, that within the scope of each level there may be a range of controls, and that the detailed requirements for an item are dependent on the importance of the item to safety reliability. For example, even though a reactor vessel and structural steel are classified as Level D, the degree of protection and control over the reactor vessel should exceed that of the structural steel. Each of the specific items governed by Subpart 2.2 shall be classified into one of these four levels by the buyer or the contractor. The manufacturer’s documented standard or minimum requirements shall be considered when classifying the items. Items, once classified at a level, shall be restricted to that level or a higher level for each of the packaging, shipping, receiving, storage, and handling operations. Any package unit or assembly made up of items of different levels shall be classified to the highest level designated for any of the respective items. If the unit is disassembled, a level shall be indicated for each part.Items covered by Subpart 2.2 shall be categorized under the following levels.201.1 Level A. Items classified to Level A are those that are exceptionally sensitive to environmental conditions and require special measures for protection from one or more of the following effects: temperatures outside required limits; sudden temperature changes;humidity and vapors; accelerating forces; physical damage; airborne contamination (e.g. rain, snow, dust, dirt,salt spray, fumes).
Types of items to be categorized under this classification level are
special electronic/ electrical equipment and instrumentation.ASME NQA-1A pdf free download.ASME NQA-1A pdf free download.

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