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ASME PALD-2009 pdf free

ASME PALD-2009 pdf free.Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Lifting Devices.
The PAID shall be maintained in accordance with the product instructions.
3.3 Inspection
(a) Visual inspection shall be made before each use of the PAI.D by checking for abnormal conditions, such as cracked welds, leaks, and damaged, loose, or missing parts.
(b) Other inspections shall be made per product operating instructions.
(c) Each PALD shall be inspected immediately if the device is believed to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock. It is recommended that this inspection be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility.
(d) Owners and/or operators should be aware that repair of this equipment may require specialized knowledge and facilities. It is recommended that an annual inspection of the PALD be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility and that any defective parts, decals, or safety labels or signs he replaced with manufacturer’s or supplier’s specified parts. A list of authorized repair facilities is available from the manufacturer or supplier,
3.4 Damaged Equipment
Any PAI.D that appears to be damaged in any way. is found to be worn, or operates abnormally SHALL BE REMOVED FROM SERVICE UNTIL REPAIRED. It is recommended that necessary repairs be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility if repairs are permitted by the manufacturer or supplier.
3.5 Alterations
Because of potential hazards associated with this type of equipment, no alterations shall be made to the product.
3.6 Attachments and Adapters
Only attachments and/ or adapters supplied by the manufacturer shall be used.
4.1 Quality Systems
Producers of Portable Automotive Lifting Devices shall adhere to a planned, written system of policies and procedures which will assure consistent and continuing conformance to the requirements of this Standard.Conformance to this Standard shall be demonstrated by the testing requirements set forth herein. ISO/IEC Guide 22 “General Criteria for Supplier’s Declaration of Conformance” may be used as a guide.ASME PALD pdf free download.

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