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ASME PCC-2S-2015 pdf free.Supplement to ASME PCC-2-2015 Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping.
Repair welding considerations in this Article are applicable to pressure vessels for refincr petrochemical, power generation, and other services where the requirements of this Article apply. Table I provides guidance for the applicability of repair welding for Cr—Mo steel pressure vessels.
1.2 App(ication
(a) This Article describes weld repair considerations for pressure vessels made from Cr—Mo steels. The purpose of this Article is to provide a high-level overview of deterioration mechanisms and the subsequent factors that need to be considered in developing a detailed repair, examination, and testing plan for the successful repair of Cr—Mo pressure vessels.
(1’) The Cr—Mo materials listed in Table 2 of this Article are susceptible to certain types of damage in elevated-temperature service (e.g., see WRC Bulletins 488, 489, and 490).
(c) The repair of creep-damaged Cr—Mo steels, creep- enhanced ferritic steels, vanadium-modified steels, or stainless steel cladding or weld overlay are not included in this Article. See ASME PCC-2, Article 2.11 for information on weld overlay and clad restoration; creep will be covered in a separate Article in a future edition of
(d) API RP 571 and API RP 579-1/ASME FF5-i provide further information on temper embrittlement and other aging effects on the fracture toughness of Cr—Mo steels.
1.3 Design Temperature
The maximum design temperatures of Cr-Mo materials are as listed in the applicable codes of construction.
1.4 Applicable Materials
Typical Cr—Mo materials and their ASME designations are indicated in Table 2; however, equivalent international standard materials may also be used.
ASME PCC-2, Part I contains additional requirements. This Article shall be used in conjunction with ASME PCC-2, Part I.
3.1 Feasibility Study of Repair Welding
(a) The materials listed in Table 2 may be repair welded provided an investigation has been performed to determine the cause of the damage to be repaired and provided appropriate weld repair procedures are used.
(h) The following should be assessed prior to performing repair welding:
(Li the structural integrity of the pressure vessel
(2) the feasibility of the repairs
(3) the suitability of the pressure vessel for the intended service after the repairs are completed
The serviceability or fitness-for-service assessment should be based on API RP 579-1/ASME FFS-1, as shown in Fig. 1.
3.2 Consideration of In-Service Degradation
(a) In-service degradation (see Table 3 and Fig. 2) shall be considered before developing a repair welding procedure.
(b) Typical considerations for in-service degradation for weld repair are shown in Table 4.
(c) Further information on in-service degradation is provided in API RP 571 and in WRC Bulletins 48, 489, and 490.ASME PCC-2S pdf free download./g4/yufakejian/ASME/ASME-PCC-2S-2015.rar

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