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ASME PCC-3-2017 pdf free

ASME PCC-3-2017 pdf free.Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods.
When the risk associated with indwidual equipment items is deter,ni,wd and the relative effectiveness of different inspection techniques in reducing risk is estimated or quantified, adequate information is available for developing an optimiza’ion tool for planning and implementing an RIM program. Inspection affects perceived risk; physical actions such as mitigation activities performed as a result of an inspection affect actual risk.
Inspections may of kct the calculated risk by zeducing uncertainty. When there is uncertainty about the risk assocIated with operating equipment items, the default action should be to make reasonably adverse (conservative) or even “worst-case” assumptiolts resulting in relatively high calculated risk. For example, during an initial analysis one assumption may be that the only credible damage mechanism for a component is general corrosion (i.e., general metal loss). If examination reveals that no measurable metal loss has actually occurred, then the probability of failure may be reassessed to a lower level with a corresponding reduction in the calculated risk.
Figure 2.3 presents stylized curves showing the reduc tion in risk that should be expected when the degree and frequency of inspection are increased, The upper curve in Fig. 2.3 rq’resents a typical inspection program. Where there is no inspection, there may be a higher level of risk, as indicated on the y-axis. With an initial investment in inspection activities, risk generally is significantly reducecL A point is reached where additional inspection activity begins to show a diminishing return and, eventually. may produce very little additional perceived risk reduction, Any mspection activity beyond this point may actually increase the level of risk. This is because Invasive inspections in certain cases may cause additional damage (e.g., introduction of oxygen into boiler feedwaler, water contamination in equipment with polythionic acid, damage to protective coatings or glass-lined vessels, or improper reclosing of inspection openings that may result in leakage of harmful fluids). This situation is represented by the dotted line at the end of the upper curve.ASME PCC-3 pdf free download.

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