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ASME PVHO-2-2019 pdf free

ASME PVHO-2-2019 pdf free.Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy:In-Service Guidelines.
When evidence of a Ilav is detected or a modification of a PVHO pressure boundary is planned, the owner shall be responsible for ensuring that the PVIIO is evaluated and repaired, replaced, or modilied in accordance with the reqLl irelnents of this Standard. applicable codes, and appropriate urisdictional authorities.
(a) In-service’ flaw evaluation techniques, such as nondestructive examination, shall he applied to assess the potential impact to the structural integrity against the PVIIO’s original design specihcation and code. Alternatively. the l’VIIO can he evaluated to the current code provided it is applied to tlw entire PVI 10.
(ii PVllOs designed, labricated, and tested to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section VIII, or certified to ASME PVI-l0- I alternative design rUles, that show signs of flaws or damage may be evaluated Lising
(2) PVIIOs that are (lesigned and fabricated to ASME PVIIO-1 Code Cises shall be evaluated and repaired in .lccor(Iance with requirements stated in the case.
(b) Pressure boundary repairs shall include a plan and repair and test procedures consistent with the applicable code. Repairs that do not hringthe PVII() to theririginal as designed condition arc considered a moditication.
(1 For PVHOs stamped perASM E HPVC, Section VIII. the National Board Inspection Code (ANSI/NBBI NB-23) provides applicable weld repair and modification procedures.
(2) All other repairs shall 1w certified by a qti.ilitied Professional Engineer or Authorized Inspector to he in compliance with this Standard and applicable code(s).
(c) Press ore boLl tida ry in od iii cat ions shall be performed in accordance with the most recent code regardless of the origiiial year of falwicjtion. A Professional Engineer shall be responsible lor the fliO(lifit.itiOIl design and compliance with applicable code requirements.
(d) All pressure boundary parts that are replaced shall meet original mantilacturer specifications.
(e) All repair. .cplacemciit, and modification docunten— tation shall be maintained per subsection 1-4, PVLIO and PVII() Systems Documentjtion.ASME PVHO-2 pdf download.

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