ASME QAI-1-2010 pdf free download

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ASME QAI-1-2010,Qualifications For Authorized Inspection.Now you can get it here.
An Authorized Inspection Agency is an organization meeting the criteria of this Standard that is accredited by the Society pursuant to the provisions set forth in Part 4 to provide Authorized Inspection Agency services within a iurisdiction. Such agencies employ Authorized spectors and Inspector Supervisors that meet the criteria of Section Ill, Division 1 or Section Ill, Division 3 of the ASME Code and of the National Board Rules for Commissioned Inspectors.
Provide certification for each Authorized Nuclear Inspector and Supervisor to be performing work under the provisions of the ASME Code Section IlL, Division 1 or 3, or both, to ensure that the Inspectors and Supervisors meet the required experience and train ing requirements of Part 1. Certification and documenta- tion of qualifications shall be retained by the employer and shall be made available for review by the jurisdic- tional Authorities and the ASME Survey Team, upon request.

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