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ASME QEI-1-2013 pdf free

ASME QEI-1-2013 pdf free.Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors.
ASME QEI-1 applies to any person who is making an inspection to determine compliance with the requirements of ASME A17.1/CSA B44, ASME A17.3. CSA 844.1/ASME A17.5, ASME A18.1 or CSA 8355, and ANSI/ASSE AlO.4 or CSA Z185. It applies to persons typically employed by, but is not limited to, the following:
(a) jurisdictional authorities
(b) independent inspection agencies and elevator consultants
(c) Insurers of the equipment
(d) manufacturers, installers, and maintainers of the equipment
(e) building owners and managers
f) testing laboratories performing field inspections and tests (see also para. 1.1.4)
1.1.4 Exempt Inspections
This Standard does not cover personnel engaged in engineering and type testing as covered in Section 8.3 of ASME A17.l/CSA 844, Section 8 of ASME A18.1 or Appendix A of CSA B355. and CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5. including inspection by laboratories in association with these tests.
Terms used in this Standard shall have Lh illeamngs specified in the following definitions. Other terms used shall have the meanings specified in Section 1.3 of ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and Section 3 of ANSI/ASSE A1O.4 or CSA Z185.
accredited certifring organization: a certifying organization that holds valid documentation of accreditation issued by an independent internationally or nationally recognized accrediting organization that accredits personnel certification bodies.
NOTE: A Certificate of Accreditation Is an example of such documentation.
ASME: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. certified inspector: a person certified by an accredited certifying organization as meeting the requirements of Part 2 of this Standard.
certified inspector supervisor: a person certified by an accredited certifying organization as meeting the requirements of Part 3 of this Standard.
certifying organization: an organization that certifies that persons are qualified to perform the duties ofan inspector or inspector supervisor.
CEU: continuing education unit.
continuing education credit: one instructional contact hour equals 0.1 CElL
current edition: the edition of the ASME A17 documents now being followed by the respective authority having jurisdiction.
effective dale:
(a) as it relates to the certification of documentation. the start date of the most recent certification of the inspector or inspector supervisor.
(b) as it relates to the Issuance and use ofthe ASME QEI1 Standard and other ASM E standards, generally 6 months after the issuance of the standard or as otherwise stated in the standard.
(c) as it relates to other standards, the date, as deter. mined by the publishing agency, when the document may be used by jurisdictions adopting the standard.
equivalent field: a field that deals with electronic, electrical. mechanical (including hydraulic), and safety principles to the same degree of complexity as found in elevators.
inspector: a person meeting the qualifications of Section 2.1 who is engaged in the inspection and testing of equipment within the scope of ASME A17.I/CSA B44.ASME QEI-1 pdf free download.

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