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ASME RAM-1-2020 pdf free

ASME RAM-1-2020 pdf free.Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Equipment and Systems in Power Plants.
maintenance: the aggregate of those functions required to preserve or restore safety, reliability, and availability of plant structures, systems, or components. Maintenance includes not only activities traditionally associated with Identifying or correcting actual or potential degraded conditions (e.g., repair, monitoring, testing, inspection examinations), but also all supporting functions required for the conduct of these activities. These include all activities associated with the planning, scheduling, isolation. performance, restoration, post-maintenance testing, and return to service for surveillance and preventive and corrective maintenance. These activities are considered maintenance regardless of who performs them (e.g., maintenance, operations, or engineering stafL or supplemental personnel such as specialists and contractors).
performance criteria: a specific quantitative value or threshold established to provide a basis for determining satisfactory performance. Performance criteria are generally based on the safety significance or economic success of a particular task, activity, or project. Performance criteria are used to monitor the eliectiveness oloperatlon and maintenance ofa plant or structure. For this Standard. the owner shall set performance criteria.
preventive maintenance: predictive, periodic, and planned maintenance actions, including calibrations and operational tests, taken prior to structure, system, or component failure, to identify degradation and maintain the structure, system, or component within the design oper. ating conditions by controlling degradation or failure. These shall comprise, at a minimum, the following:
(a) condition monitoring
(b) condition assessments (predictive activities)
(c) failure-finding tests
(d) hard-time (time-based) maintenance, including overhauls
(e) condition-based response (corrective maintenance)
reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM):
(a) the process of addressing all the associated RAM concepts and Integrating them to meet the owner’s performance objectives
(b) a set of requirements imposed on a plant, system, or component to ensure that it
(1) wIll be ready for use when required
(2) will successfully perform assigned designintended functions
(3) can be maintained operationally over its specified life
redundancy: a method of design where a duplicate structure, system, or component is provided such that if one fails, the redundant structure, system, or component will operate in its place to the extent that plant performance is not affected. Diversity is a similar design concept that achieves the same outcome by using alternative technical means.
reliability: the probability ofan item to perform a required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time, or the ability of an item to perform a required function under given conditions for a given time interval.
requirements: specific, quantifiable characteristics that define the success of a project. These shall define plant function, plant life, plant output, and plant performance, e.g., plant effIciency, plant staffing, plant availability, plant reliability, plant maintainability, plant flnancials, and other characteristics that are important to the owner. This Standard requires the owner to provide specific plant requirements that will Identify the success of the project.
risk: the probability of a negative event occurring.ASME RAM-1 pdf download.

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