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ASME RT-1-2015 free download.Safety Standard For Structural Requirements For Light Rail Vehicles.
ASME RT-1-2015 applies to car bodies for newly constructed light-rail vehicles and streetcars for transit passenger service. RT-1 defines requirements for the incorporation of passive safety design concepts related to the performance of the car body of light-rail vehicles in conditions such as collisions, so as to enhance occupant safety and control damage.
This section covers geometric compatibility and crush mechanism design considerations for different vehicles operating on the same routes of the subject transit svstem.
Each light rail vehicle shall incorporate an anticlimber at each end of the vehicle. The height and design of the anticlimber and coupler on new light rail vehicles shall be compatible with existing light rail vehicles that are operated on the same routes of the customers transit system. The anticlimber shall be designed for engage- ment between vehicles to mitigate override or telescop ing in a collision, including any condition of failed or deflated suspension elements. In the event of a collision with another rail vehicle, the coupler system shall include a feature that will permit engagement of anticlimbers. See section 6 for additional requirements.
Design of the vehicle leading end structure shall not interfere with proper engagement or operation of th vehicle anticlimber svstem.

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