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ASME SA-194-2019 pdf free.Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts for Bolts for High Pressure or High Temperature Service, or Both. The manufacturer shall test the number of nuts specified in following all production heat treatments. Nuts that would require a proof load in excess of 160 000 lb/f or 705 kN shall, unless Supplementary Requirements SI or S4 are invoked in the purchase order or coniraci be proof load tested per Section 8 or cross sectional hardness tested per Annex A3 of Test Methods and Definitions A370. Proof Load tests prevail over hardness tests in the event a conflict exists relative to minimum strength.
8.2.3 Tesi Method—The test shall be run using a threaded mandrel or a test bolt in accordance with Specification A962/
8.3.1 Requirements—This test shall be pcrfonncd only when visible surface discontinuities become a matter of issue between the manufacturer and the purchaser. Nuts in the size range ¼ to 1½ in. inclusive and M6 to M36 inclusive shall be proof load tested. Nuts not in this size range and all types of Grade 8 nuts are not subject to this test. Also, nuts manufactured to dimensions and configurations other than those covered by Specification A962/A962M. ASME B 1.1. ASME B l.13M. ASME B 18.2.2, and ASME B are not subject to he cone proof load test. The cone proof load applied shall be determined in accordance with the Cone Proof Load requirements in Specification A962/A%2M (tables or formulae or both) based upon the proof stresses shown in Table Sand Table 6 of Specification A1941A194M.
8.3.2 Number of Tests—The manufacturer shall sample and test the number of nuts specified in The lot shall be considered acceptable if the sample nut(s) withstand(s) application of the cone proof load without failure.
9. Dimensions
9.1 Nuts shall he hexagonal in shape. and in accordance with the dimensions for the hex or heavy hex series, as required. by ASME B 18.2.2 and ASME B l8.2.4.6M. Unless otherwise specified, the American National Standard Heavy Hex Series shall be used and nuts shall be either double chamfered or have a machined or forged washer face, at the option of the manufacturer, and, conform to the angularity requirements of ASME B 18.2.2 and ASME B
9.2 Unless otherwise specified, threads shall be in accordance with ASME 13 1.1 or ASME B 1.1 3M. and shall be gaged in accordance with ASME B 1.2 and ASME B l.13M as described in 9.2.1 and 9.2.2.ASME SA-194 pdf download.

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