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ASME Y14.1-2020 pdf free

ASME Y14.1-2020 pdf free.Drawing Sheet Size and Format Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices.
assembly: a number of parts or combination thereof that are joined together to perform a specific function and subject to disassembly without degradation of any of the parts (e.g. power shovel front, fan assembly, audio-frequency amplifier (ASME Y14.100).
NOTE: The distinction between an assembly and a subassembly is determined by individual application. An assembly in one instance may be a subassembly in another instance where it forms a portion of a higher assembly.
Associated List associated list: a tabulation of engineering information pertaining to an item depicted on an engineering drawing or by a set of drawings (eg. application list data list, index list, parts list, wire list) (ASME Y14.34).
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE)
Code Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code: a fivecharacter code that provides a unique activity identifer that is used by the government for activity identification.This method of activity identification has also been widely adopted by industry. CAGE Codes are listed in Cataloging Handbook H4/H8 (ASME Y14.100).
contract: a mutually binding legal relationship obligating the seller to furnish the supplies or services, including construction, and the buyer to pay for them. It includes all types of commitments that obligate the procuring activity to an expenditure of appropriated funds and that, except as otherwise authorized, are in writing. In addition to bilateral instruments, contracts include, but are not limited to, awards and notices of awards; job orders or task letters issued under basic ordering agreements; letter contracts; orders, such as purchase orders,under which the contract becomes effective by written acceptance or performance; and bilateral contract modifications (ASME Y14.100).
contractor: an individual, partnership, company, corporation, association, or other service having a contract for the design, development, manufacture, maintenance, modification, or supply of items under the terms of a contract(ASME Y14.100).ASME Y14.1 pdf free download.

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