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ASME Y14.100-2017 pdf free

ASME Y14.100-2017 pdf free.Engineering Drawing Practices.
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
Environmental Stress Screening: testing at the physical environmental conditions, shock, vibration, temperature,
altitude, humidity, etc., that simulates those encountered over the operational life of the component.
Field of Drawing
field of drawing: the area of the drawing that contains the product definition ot an item.
Functionally Required Hardware
frnctionally required hardware: hardware included in system design to satisfy any requirement other than nuclear
Hardness Critical Item (HCI)
Hardness Critical Item: an item of hardware or software that satisfies one or more of the following conditions:
functionally required hardware whose response to the specified nuclear environments could cause degradation in system survivability unless additional provisions for hardness are included in the item specification. design, manufacture, item selection process, provisioning, configuration control, etc.; functionally required hardware or software that inherently provides protection’ for the system or any of its elements against the specified nuclear environments and that, if modified, removed, or replaced by an alternate design, could cause a degradation in system survivability; hardness dedicated hardware or software included in the system solely to achieve system nuclear survivability requirements; hardware items at the level of application to which a Hardness Critical Process (HCP) is applied; and)or a subassembly or higher level of assembly that contains one or more HCI.
Hardness Critical Process (HCP)
Hardness Critical Process: any fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, installation, maintenance, repair, or other process
or procedure that implements a hardness design feature and satisfies system hardness requirements.
Hazardous Conditions, Processes, or Materials (HAZ)
Hazardous conditions, Pr esses, or Materials: a part, assembly, installation, or production system that contains or utilizes materials that can have detrimental effects on the environment, personnel, or equipment.
Inseparable Assembly
inseparable assembly: same as part.
interchangeability: applies to items that are manulactured with the aid ot controlled media, and require only the application of attaching means for their installation. Interchangeable items shall be capable of being readily installed, removed, or replaced without alteration, misalignment, or damage to items being installed or to adjoining items or structure (MIL-l-8500).
Interchangeable Item
interchangeable item: an item that possesses lunctional and physical characteristics equivalent in performance to another item of similar or identical purposes and is capable of being exchanged for the other item without selection for fit or performance, and without alteration of the items themselves or of adjoining items, except for adjustment.
Interface Control
interface control: apart, assembly, installation, or production system that defines or controls the interface(s) to a system and thereby binds its requirements.ASME Y14.100 pdf free download.

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