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ASME Y14.24-2012 pdf free

ASME Y14.24-2012 pdf free.Types and Applications of Engineering Drawings.
1.3.2 Formats. Formats (e.g., manual and digital,single or multisheet, drawing in book form, and computer printout) are concerns of this Standard only to the extent that the drawing satisfies its intended purpose. Formats shall be in accordance with ASME Y14.1.
1.4 Structure of Drawing Text
Textual information on drawings may be in numbered note form or in a format that uses section headings,numbered paragraphs, and subparagraphs grouped according to subject matter. See figures for examples.
1.5 Application Guidelines
Application guidelines are intended to aid in understanding the conditions under which specific types of drawings may be prepared. It is not intended that any application guideline imply that preparation of specific drawing types is always required.
1.6 Drawing Content
Requirements may be satisfied by direct delineation on the drawing or by reference to other documents that are a part of the drawing package. Such documents are invoked in individual drawings either by reference in the general notes, in the using assembly parts list, or both. Parts lists shall be in accordance with ASME Y14.34.
1.7 Tabulation
Any drawing type may be tabulated, as applicable, to delineate similar items that as a group have some common characteristics and some variable features.
1.7.1 Application Guidelines. Tabulated drawings are prepared to avoid preparation of individual drawings for each similar item tabulated. Each item included in the tabulation shall have a Part or Identifying Number (PIN) assigned.
1.7.2 Requirements. The differences, i.e, the variables, between the items defined by the drawing are tabulated. The common characteristics are delineated or stated once. Each individual item is identified by a PIN. Normally, a single pictorial representation is shown. For example, variable dimensions are coded by letters used as headings for columns in a tabulation block. Variables are entered in the table under the appropriate heading and on the same line as the relevant PIN. Alternate methods may be used to correlate the variations in characteristics to the individual items. The description for each tabulated item is as complete as that of an individual item described on the specific drawing type.ASME Y14.24 pdf free download.

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