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ASME Y14.36-2018 pdf free

ASME Y14.36-2018 pdf free.Surface Texture Symbols Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices.
The vertex of the symbol’s angled legs shall be placed
(a) on a line representrng the surface
(b) on an extension line of the surface
(c) attached to the horizontal portion of a leader line directed to the surface, or
(d) attached to a feature control frame directed to the surface
The symbol may be specified with a diameter dimension. When the basic surface texture symbol Is used, with or without MRR. NMR. or APA. it may be applied at any angle. When the expanded surface texture symbol is used. the parameter information shall be read from the bottom of the drawing graphic sheet (see Figure 4-4).
4.6 TextuaL Presentation of Surface Texture Requirements
When surface texture requirements are presented as a textual entry, the standard display method illustrated in Figure 4-5 shall be used. The letters relate to the surface texture parameters (see para. 4.5 and Figures 4.2 and 4.5). The lay symbol abbreviations used in the textual presentation are as shown in ASME Y1438. Use MLJLTD’ for the multidirectional by abbreviation.
4.6.1 Sequence Format. The text positions for data entry sequence shall be in the order shown in Figure 4.2. Two forward slashes are used to divide separate parameter sequences after item d.
5.1 AppLicabiLity of ControLs
When a surface texture symbol is used, it relates to the entire surlaceorarea to which It Is applied. Surface texture requirements comprised of either symbols or the textual presentation method may be applied by the use of general notes, contained in a title block, or defined in other speaIlcations. Surfaces that require different parameters than those stated in the title block or other specification shall be identified in the field of the drawing with their own surface texture symbols and requirements. Only those items or values necessary to specify and verify the required surface texture characteristics shall be included (see Figure 4-4). See ASME B46.1 for default values.ASME Y14.36 pdf free download.

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