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ASME Y14.43-2011 pdf free download.Dimensioning And Tolerancing Principles For Gages And Fixtures.
ASME Y14.43-2011 presents the design practices for dimensioning and tolerancing of gages and fixtures used for the verification of Maximum Material Condition (MMC) size envelopes and Virtual Condition boundaries generated by Geometric Tolerances controlled at Maximum Material Condition (MMC) and datum features controlled at Maximum Material Boundary (MMB).
The International System of Units(S1) is featured in this Standard as it commonly supersedes U.S. Customary units specified on engineering draw- ings. U.S. Customary units could equally well have been used without prejudice to the principles established.
The figures in this Standard are in accordance with ASME Y145-2009. The figures are intended only as illus trations to aid the user in understanding the design rinciples and methods of gaging and fixturing design described in the text. Figures may show added detail for emphasis or be incomplete by intent. Numerical values of dimensions and tolerances are illustrative only.
Availability of Commercial Components.
When it is possible to purchase off-the-shelf components for gages, they should be considered for use. This practice has the potential to reduce the original and refur bishment cost of the gages.
Ergonomic Requirements.
A gage shall be designed that considers of use. Size and weight
are to be considered, as well as configuration .Where appropriate, handling features such as gripping features
and lift rings should be designed into the gage tables or other similar types of handling devices be included as part of the design.

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