AWS B2.3/B2.3M:2018 free download

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AWS B2.3/B2.3M:2018 free download.Specification for Soldering Procedure and Performance Qualification.
AWS B2.3/B2.3M:2018 provides the requirements for qualification of soldering procedure specifications. This specification also provides requirements for the performance qualification of solderers and soldering operators and is intended for use where referenced by a product standard or contract document.
Employers shall be responsible for the soldering done by their organization, including the use of qualified soldering procedures, qualified solderers, and qualified soldering operators. It is the Employer’s responsibility to assure that soldering procedure specifications meet any additional requirements of the Referencing Document. Each Employer shall maintain the applicable soldering procedure specifications, soldering procedure qualification records, and soldering performance qualification records.
Work performed in accordance with this standard may involve the use of materials that have been deemed hazardous, and may involve operations or equipment that may cause injury or death. This standard does not purport to address all safety and health risks that may be encountered. The user of this standard should establish an appropriate safety program to address such risks as well as to meet applicable regulatory requirements. ANST Z49I should be considered when developing the safety program.
A soldering procedure qualification provides test data for assessing the properties of a soldered joint. It is the obligation of manufacturers to produce soldered assemblies that have properties suitable for the application. The proof of production solder soundness is determined by the type and extent of testing and examination applied, which is the responsibility of the Referencing Document.
4.1.3 A change in qualification variable beyond the allowed limits of 4.3 Qualification Variables shall require requalification of the SPS and preparation of a new SPS, Changes in other variables shall not require requalification, provided such changes are documented in a revised SPS.
4.1.4 SPQRs shall not be revised, except to correct errors or add omitted information. However, all such changes shall be identified and dated on the SPQR.
4.1.5 SPSs and SPQRs shall be identified according to a system that allows traceability between the SPS and SPQR.
4.1.6 An SPS may require the support of more than one SPQR: while alternatively, one SPQR may support a number of SPSs.

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