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STP-NU-045-1-2013 pdf free

The Roadmap has been developed as a guide to the R&D and Code development tasks that could be considered in developing rules for HTGRs. The primary focus of the Roadmap is on the development of a complete set of rules for the design and operating conditions that are being proposed for the NGNP. A Phase I effort has been recently completed that supported the creation of a new BPV III. Division 5 (111-5) for high temperature reactors that includes both 1-ITGRs and Liquid Metal Reactors (LMRs). The Phase 1 effort included incorporation of Section III, Subsection NH rules in Division 5 (by reference) and by the direct incorporation of several Code Cases relevant to high temperature reactors, as well as the new graphite rules. The Phase I effort is included in the Roadmap for completeness. A Phase II effort has been initiated that covers intermediate term Code development, along with research and development work necessary for rule development. The Phase 11 work will support rules for future generations of 1—ITGRs that are expected to operate at higher temperatures. and for other advanced reactors, such as LMR designs. Potential long term Code rule development for things like a risk-based or system-based Code rules arc not included in this Roadmap.
2.1.1 As the ASME Code project teams, task groups, and committees deliberate, it is anticipated that some of these tasks will be revised or eliminated from consideration and others will be added. The tasks proposed here consist of a compilation of suggestions from individuals interviewed and from the author.
The Roadmap focuses primarily on those tasks that are needed to develop code rules. Tasks that may be needed to demonstrate performance or for specific designs are outside of the scope.
The Roadmap does not address resource issues. However, it is anticipated that projects developed by ASML Standards Technology LLC may be needed to sponsor individuals and groups to draft Code rules.
The Roadmap was developed using the assumption that the objective was to produce a complete set of Code rules for the HTGR that could be endorsed by regulators (e.g., the U.S. NRC) and referenced in regulatory guides and rules.STP-NU-045-1 pdf free download.

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