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STP-SA-030-2009 pdf free

The ASRS Market in North America was nearly $268 million dollars in 2008 as reported by the Material Handling Institute of America (MHI). Comprised in this figure are 37 systems which consist of 185 Storage Retrieval (SR) Machines. A few statistics are worthy of consideration in defining North American ASRS consumers.
●65% of companies that purchased systems in 2008 did not have prior ASRS systems
●76% of companies that purchased ASRS systems in 2008 used them as a component of a larger automated material handling process
●84% of companies who purchased ASRS in 2008 were not Fortune 500 companies MHI reports categorize the North American ASRS market in four basic areas:
●Unit-Load Equipment: SR Machines handling load weights in excess of 1000 lb.
●Mini-Load Equipment: SR Machines handling load weights between 250 and 1000 Ib.
●Micro-Load Equipment: SR Machines handling load weights up to 250 lb.
●Aftermarket: Post-warranty parts and service, equipment replacement and refurbishment and existing system expansions.
Over the past seven years, the ASRS industry in North America has experienced steady growth at an annual average rate of 15%. The MHI defined market segments have seen varying annual average rates in support of this figure.
The Unit-Load market during this period has been volatile with individual annual volumes being erratic from year to year. However, the Unit-Load market over the past seven year period has declined by nearly 3% per year.
Mini-Load equipment has experienced a cyclic market that overall has had steady growth. The average growth rate over the past seven year period has been just over 17% per year.
The Micro-Load market has seen rapid growth since 2002 as individual case and tote handling has become more widely accepted in the United States. This market has increased at an average rate of nearly 40% per year during the past seven year period.
The Aftermarket segment has also seen rapid growth during the past seven year period with an annual average rate of nearly 44%.
The consumer activity that is present in the North American market creates the need for guidelines to facilitate safe design, maintenance and operation of ASRS and the included SR Machines. The ASME B30.13 document is a necessary specification to ensure the basic aspects of consumer safety.
The FEM documents outlined in this report cover a much broader spectrum than consumer safety which includes other topics that help guide manufacturers and consumers in system design and implementation.STP-SA-030 pdf free download.

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