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IEC 60947-4-3-2020 pdf download

IEC 60947-4-3-2020 pdf download.Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear-Part 4-3: Contactors and motor-starters – Semiconductor controllers and semiconductor contactors for non-motor loads.
6 Product information
6.1 Nature of Information
The following information shall be given by the manufacturer.
a) the manufacturer’s name or trademark:
b) type designation or serial number;
c) number of this document.
Characteristics, basic rated values and utilization
d) rated operational voltages (see;
e) rated operational currents, corresponding utilization category (see 5.4), overload curren profile (see, and duty cycle (see 5.3.4 or OFF-time, comprising the rating index). The prescribed format for AC-I is shown by this example:
100 A. AC4. 1,5 x — 46 S. 50 % — 30/h
This indicates 100 A current rating for general applications with non-inductive or slightl inductive loads. The device can accommodate 150 A for 46 s, 50 % on-load factor 30 standard operating cycles per hour.
If the rated operational current only applies if the semiconductor controller is used
conjunction with a bypass, then this shall be indicated by the following prescribed form o the rating index, shown by example for AC-5a:
100A:AC5a:2x!e_30s: 180s
This indicates 100 A current rating for the switching on of electric discharge lamp controls The device can accommodate 200 A for 30 s, the OFF-time shall not be less than 180 before any subsequent switch-on may be initiated.
f) maximum OFF-state current;
g) either the value of the rated frequency 50 Hz160 Hz,
or other rated frequencies for example 16 213 Hz, 400 Hz;
h) indication of the rated duties as applicable (see 5.3.4);
i) galvanic separation between poles if applicable;
Safety and installation
j) rated insulation voltage (see;
k) rated impulse withstand voltage (see;
I) IP code according to Annex C of IEC 60947-1:2020;
m) pollution degree (see;
n) rated conditional short-circuit current and type of coordination of the semiconductor controller, current rating and characteristics of the associated SCPD (see 5.8) including when integrated within the product;
0) terminal clamping unit characteristics including:
— length of insulation to be removed before insertion of the conductor into the terminal;
— maximum number of conductors which may be clamped. For non-universal screwless terminals:
— “s” or “sole for terminals declared for solid conductors;
— “r” for terminals declared for solid and stranded conductors;
— “r for terminals declared for flexible conductors.
NOTE In the United States. str is used for identifying terminals declared for stranded conductors.
p) vacant.
Control circuits
q) rated control circuit voltage U, nature of current and rated frequency, and, if necessary, rated control circuit supply voltage U, nature of current and rated frequency and any other information (for example impedance matching requirements) necessary to ensure satisfactory operation of the control circuits (see Annex U of IEC 60947-1:2020, for examples of control circuit configurations);
Auxiliary circuits
r) nature and ratings of auxiliary circuits (see 5.6); EMC emission and immunity levels
s) EMC Environment A or B according to IEC 60947-1; if an external EMC filter is required to fulfil the emission levels given in Table 12, it shall be specified in the catalogue and in the instruction manual;
Additional in formation
t) reference of dedicated wiring accessories which can be used for wiring the semiconductor controller or semiconductor contactor;
u) type of equipment according to 5.2;
v) maximum permissible altitude of the installation site, if greater than 1 000 m;
w) pole impedance (Z) of the parallel mechanical switching device of a bypassed semiconductor controller or semiconductor contactor according to IEC 60947-4-1;
x) material declaration according to Annex W of IEC 60947-1:2020;
y) semiconductor controller power losses if declared.
6.2 Marking
Subclause 6.2 of IEC 60947-1:2020 applies to semiconductor controllers and semiconductor contactors with the following addition.IEC 60947-4-3 pdf download.

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