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IEC 61000-6-8-2020 pdf free

IEC 61000-6-8-2020 pdf free.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-8: Generic standards – Emission standard for professional equipment in commercial and light-industrial locations.
4 Classification of equipment
This document applies to equipment intended to be used within commercial and light-industrial
(see 3.1.3) locations that satisfies all the restrictions of use defined within the scope (see
Clause 1). For this equipment, the requirements of Table 3 to Table 6 apply.
These requirements are not intended to offer adequate protection to radio services and applications within the residential environment.
NOTE Examples of the emission classification of equipment and mappirg to the immunity standard is given in Annex A.
5 Measurements and conditions during testing
Measurements shall be conducted in a defined and reproducible manner.
The measurements may be performed in any order.
The description of the measurement, the measurement instrumentation, the measurement methods and the measurement set-up to be used are given in the standards, which are referred to in Table 3 to Table & The contents of these standards are not repeated here, however modifications or additional information needed for the practical application of the measurements are given in this document.
The EUT shall be tested in the operating mode producing the largest emission in the frequency band being assessed, consistent with intended use. The configuration of the test sample shall be varied to achieve maximum emission consistent with typical use and installation practice.
NOTE Pre4esting can be used to reduce test time.
If the EUT is part of a system, or can be connected to associated equipment, the EUT shall be tested while connected to the minimum representative configuration of associated apparatus necessary to exercise the ports in a similar manner to that described in CISPR 32. If the EUT has a large number of similar ports or ports with many similar connections, a sufficient number shall be selected to simulate actual operating conditions and to ensure that all the different types of termination are covered.
In cases where the equipment instructions requires external filtering, shielding devices or similar measures, these measures shall be applied during the measurements.
The EUT shall be arranged in accordance with the requirements of Table 1.IEC 61000-6-8 pdf download.

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