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AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13:2013 pdf free download

AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13:2013 pdf free download.Lamp controlgear Part 2.13: Particular requirements for d.c. or a.c. supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules (IEC 61347-2-13, Ed.1.0 (2006) MOD).
4 General requirements
The requirements of Clause 4 of IEC 61347-1 apply, together with the following additional requirements:
— Independent SELV controlgear shall comply with the requirements of Annex I. This includes insulation resistance, electric strength. creepage distances and clearances of the outer case.
— controlgear which are not of the pure voltage and current types are tested according to the requirements of either a voltage source or a current source, whichever comes closer to the electrical behaviour of the controlgear.
5 General notes on tests
The requirements of Clause 5 of IEC 61 347-1 apply, with the following additional requirement:
The following number of specimens shall be submitted for testing:
— one unit for the tests of Clauses 6 to 12 and 15 to 21:
— one unit for the tests of Clause 14 (additional units or components, where necessary, may be required in consultation with the manufacturer).
6 Classification
Controlgear are classified according to the method of installation given in Clause 6 of IEC 61347-1 and according to:
protection against electric shock:
— SELV-equivalent or isolating controlgear (this type of controlgear can be used instead of double-wound transformers with reinforced insulation: see IEC 60598-2-6 (to be read as for LED modules where lamps are mentioned));
— auto-wound controlgear;
— independent SELV controlgear.
7 MarkIng
7.1 Mandatory marking
Controlgear. other than integral controgear, srtafl oe cieariy ana aurably markea. in accordance with the requirements of 7.2 of IEC 61347-1, with the following mandatory markings:
— items a). b), c), d), e), f), k), I), and m) of 7.1 of IEC 61347-1 together with
— for constant voltage types: rated output voltage:
— for constant current types: rated output current and maximum output voltage:
— if applicable: an indication that the control gear is suitable for operation with LED modules only.
7.2 Information to be provided if applicable
In addition to the above mandatory markings, the following information, if applicable, shall be given either on the controlgear, or be made available in the manufacturer’s catalogue or similar:
— items h), I), and j) of 7.1 of IEC 61347-1 together with
— mention whether the controlgear has mains-connected windings,
— mention that they are SELV-equivalent controlgear, if applicable.
8 Protection against accidental contact with live parts
NOTE The limits of the output voltage for SELV or SELV equivalent controlgear are in accordance with
IEC 60364-4-41.
The requirements of Clause 10 of IEC 61347-1 apply, together with the following additional requirements:
8.1 For SELV-equivalent controlgear, the accessible parts shall be insulated from live parts by double or reinforced insulation.
Subclauses 8.6 and 13.1 of IEC 60065 apply.
8.2 Output circuits of SELV- or SELV equivalent control gear may have exposed terminals if
— the rated output voltage for constant voltage control gear or maximum output voltage for constant current control gear under load does not exceed 25 V r.m.s.:
— the no-load output voltage does not exceed 33 V r.m.s. and the peak does not exceed
33 V.
Compliance is checked by measuring the output voltage when steady conditions are established, the controlgear being connected to rated supply voltage and rated frequency. For the test under load, the con trolgear is loaded with a resistance which would give rated output at rated output voltage.
For controlgear with more than one rated supply voltage, the requirement is applicable for each of the rated supply voltages.
Controlgear with a rated output voltage above 25 V shall have insulated terminals.AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13 pdf download.

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