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BS EN IEC-63000:2018 pdf free download

BS EN IEC-63000:2018 pdf free download.Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances (IEC 63000:2016).
The types of technical documents (see 4 3 3) that are required tor materials, parts and/or sub assemblies shall be based on the manufacturer s assessment of:
a) the probablity of restricted substances being present. in matenals. parts or subassemblies. and
b) the trustworthiness of the supplier
Materials that are added during the production process (such as solder. paint. adhesives ) shall also be considered as part of the assessment When undertaking the assessment of the probability of restricted substances being present (see item a) the manufacturer may apply technical judgement. as some substances are unlikely to be contained in certain matenals (e g. organic substances in metals). Such technical judgement should be based on technical information avalable via the electrical/electronic industry. or a literature investigation of the materials/parts used in electrical/electronic products. Additional information that may be used when uncertaking the assessment includes material types typically used in the part or sub-assembly. and the historical likelihood of restricted substances being present in each material type.
When undertaking the trustworthiness assessment of the supplier (see item b) the manutacturer may apply historical experience with the supplier organiz ation,results of previous suppler inspections or audits.
NOTE The assessment and it8 assoc a1ec procedures can torm part of a quality management system or equivalent
Collecting information As a result of the manufacturer’s assessment. the following documents cn materials, parts, and/or sub. assemblies shall be collected:
a) Supplier cecl arations and/or contractual agreements, such as Supplier declarations, confirming that the restricted substance content of the specified material. part, or sub-assembly is within the permitted levels and identifying any exemptions that have been applied;Signed contracts confirming that the manufacturer’s specification for the max imum content of restricted substances in a material. part. or sub- assembly is fuifilled.Such declarations or agreements shall cover a specific material. part and/or subassembly. or a specitic range of materals. parts and/or sub- assemblies.andl or
b) Material decl ar ations:
Material deciarations providing information on specific substance content and identifying any exemptions that have been applied.The material declaration content should meet the requirements specified in IEC 62474 2012. 4 2 3 for the applicable substances.BS EN IEC-63000 pdf free download.

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