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CAN/CSA-IEC 61000-6-5:18 pdf free

CAN/CSA-IEC 61000-6-5:18 pdf free.ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (EMC) – Part 6-5: Generic standards – Immunity for equipment used in power station and substation environment.
4 Electromagnetic environment
The typical locations covered by this international standard are power stations (see Figure 2), medium voltage (MV) and high-voltage (HV) substations, comprising air insulated switchgear (AIS) (see Figure 3), and/or gas insulated switchgear (GIS) (see Figure 4). In Figure 2, the solid lines do not represent physical boundaries between the areas where the equipment is installed. They rather indicate boundaries between electromagnetic environments. It should be kept in mind that the electromagnetic environments can be different for items of equipment installed close to each other.
For the purpose of the specifications given in this international standard, the term “HV” is taken to mean extra high voltage and high voltage of 36 kV and above.
NOTE A different limit between MV and HV can be agreed upon between the parties involved and the manufacturer
An overview of electromagnetic phenomena to be taken into account at the locations covered by this standard is given in Table 1. For the purpose of determining the need of the corresponding phenomenon as well as of the applicable performance criterion, the phenomena are grouped with respect to their nature and probability of occurrence. A survey of these electromagnetic phenomena is given in IEC TR 61000-2-5 and lEG 61000-4-1. Additional information on the typical sources and causes of electromagnetic disturbances is given in Annex A. Typical values of electromagnetic phenomena observed in high voltage substations and power stations can be found in the publications listed in the bibliography Items of equipment are installed and implemented within power stations and substations according to the rules/guidelines given by the manufacturers, It is essential that these items of equipment operate according to the specified performances when exposed to the variety of electromagnetic phenomena, conducted and radiated, typical of these installations.
In addition to the mentioned electrical plants. equipment can be installed in control centres, radio repeaters, or low voltage distribution points in industrial, commercial or residential areas. These locations are covered by other generic standards or product standards.
In some cases, special mitigation measures (e.g. use of special cabling, shielding of some areas, and/or avoidance of interference sources, etc.) are taken in order to create a “protected area” and to reduce the immunity requirements accordingly. This allows the use of equipment that does not meet the requirements of this standard.
A protected area can be created by means of mitigation measures and/or avoidance of disturbance sources in order to reduce immunity requirements to the immunity levels of product standards or generic standards.
In this document a protected area (see 3.1.13) is considered as a location where at least the requirements of lEG 61000-6-1 are sufficient to demonstrate immunity (see Annex C for further information).CAN/CSA-IEC 61000-6-5 pdf download.

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