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CEI IEC 61851-22-2001 pdf free

CEI IEC 61851-22-2001 pdf free.Electric vehicle conductive charging system – Part 22: AC electric vehicle charging station.
Clause 3 of part 1 applies. Additional definitions relating to this part of the standard are under consideration.
4 General requirements
The connection of electric vehicles can be made by one or more of the methods described in part 1. The a.c. electric vehicle charging station may have one or more socket-outletslvehicle connectors.
The a.c, electric vehicle charging station shall be connected to the electric vehicle so that in normal conditions of use the equipment operates to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons, either indoors or outdoors.
In general, this is achieved by fulfilling the relevant requirements specified in this standard and compliance is checked by carrying out all relevant tests. General requirements for the a.c electric vehicle charging station can also be found in IEC 60439-1.
5 Standard conditions for operation in service and for installation
The rated value of the a.c. supply voltage is up to 690 V. The equipment shall operate correctly within ±10 % of the standard nominal voltage (see IEC 60038). The rated value of the frequency is 50 Hz ± 1 % or 60 Hz ± 1 %.
The ambient temperature range during charging may be between —30 °C and +50 °C and at a relative humidity of between 5 % and 95 %.
NOTE National codes and regulations may require different operating temperature ranges
6 Rating of the a.c. input and output
The input voltage and current rating is according to IEC 60038.
The output voltage and current rating shall not exceed the values given in table 1. Lower current values may be used.
7.1 All tests in this standard are type tests.
7.2 Unless otherwise specified, type tests shall be carried out on a single specimen as delivered and configured in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
7.3 The tests in 11.3 may be conducted on separate samples at the discretion of the manufacturer. Unless otherwise specified, all other tests shall be carried Out in the order of the clauses and subclauses in this part.
7.4 The tests shall be carried Out with the specimen, or any movable part of it, placed in the most unfavourable position which may occur in normal use.
7.5 Unless otherwise specified, the tests shall be carried out in a draught-free location and at an ambient temperature of 20 C ± 5 °C.
7.6 The characteristics of the test voltages in 10.1 shall comply with IEC 81180-1
8 Functional and constructional requirements
8.1 Control functions
For mode 3 charging, the a.c. electric vehicle charging station provides part of the control functions listed in 6.4 of part 1 of this standard,
8.2 Emergency service
If required by national rules, an emergency disconnection device shall be installed to isolate the a.c. supply network (mains) from the a.c. electric vehicle charging station in case of risk of electric shock, fire or explosion. The disconnection device shall be provided with a means to prevent accidental operation.
8.3 Permissible surface temperature
The maximum permissible surface temperature of parts of the a.c. electric vehicle charging station which are hand grasped, at the maximum rated current and at an ambient temperature of 40 °C, shall be
— 50 °C for metal parts;
— 80 °C for non-metallic parts.CEI IEC 61851-22 pdf download.

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